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The goal of this podcast is to assemble the greatest minds of the dental profession and to pass on their most valuable and succinct lessons, in order to help you to achieve your full potential in practice and in life. Let's face it. Dentistry can be a frustrating and isolating profession... but you don't have to be an island anymore.
It's possible to become more profitable, less stressed and more fulfilled in your career and it's our mission is to help you get there.
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1514: Wealth and Life Lessons

What was supposed to be just a discussion on dental specific wealth management tips turned out to be a highly engaging up-close-and-personal chat between two long-time friends.  In this episode, Dr. Mark Costes and Dentist Advisors Co-Founder, Ryan Isaac, catch up on surfing, flying, island-hopping, and yachting in the Adriatic Sea, camping and athletic choices.  They also let us in on anecdotes on parenting, lessons learned from Dad, career evolution, regrets and missed life pursuits, while giving hacks on financial freedom. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Aug 16
1513: Multiple Practice and DSO Evolution

Are you interested in building or scaling a group practice or DSO and tired of learning by trial and error?  Or are you a seasoned dental entrepreneur who wants to expand your knowledge in sell-side advisory services, growth strategies, and mergers and acquisitions?  Dr. Mark Costes speaks with Perrin DesPortes, Founder of Polaris Healthcare Partners, on the “Scaling from Clinician to CEO” Summit jointly organized by DSI and Polaris.  To be held at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel in Denver, Colorado, on October 5 to 7, the event promises to go in-depth to the nuts and bolts of building an elite-level business as no other dental conference has done before.  With never-before-seen content and real-world tactical information, participants will walk away with clear, actionable go-forward strategies for implementation. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Aug 15
1512: What's Your Legacy?

Ever wondered what people would say at your eulogy? Dr. Mark Costes leads us in a highly moving and reflective eulogy exercise to determine what positive impact we may want to leave the world with.  This session he conducted with the Mastermind group will surely leave you rethinking your priorities and aligning your goals with what is truly important in the grand scheme of things. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Aug 12
1511: Greatness and Your Timeline

Who is your personal hero, the one you emulate and aspire to be?  Inversely, who is your Antihero, the one whom you absolutely abhor and do not want to become?  Dr. Mark Costes takes us back to that Mastermind session where he touched on hero worship in our culture.  There he revealed how we can become our own Hero by working towards being the best version of ourselves. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Aug 11
1510: Lessons from the Top 1%

In this episode of The Dentalpreneur Podcast, you’ll hear a powerhouse panel of the Dental Success Blackbelt coaches share their best business practices in dealing with commonly recurring challenges.  They take turns identifying these issues ranging from recruitment and onboarding, new hire expectations, success target setting, employee attrition, patient retention, consistency of care, to effective mentorship and systemization. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Aug 10
1509: EBITDA Defined

More lessons from the Mastermind sessions:  DSN Co-Founder and DSI Blackbelt Coach, Dr. Addison Killeen, demystifies EBITDA as the valuation measure used by DSOs, venture capital firms and private equity groups in deriving a possible sale price for a practice.  Spoiler alert: Gross revenues do not count.  EBITDA is the one basis for valuation calculation.  Tune in for Mastermind insider tips on how to increase your EBITDA multiples without having to add more locations to your practice. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Aug 09
1508: Your Manifesto

“Imagine it’s your last day of clinical dentistry …” In this episode, Dr. Mark Costes revisits the Mastermind visualization exercise he conducts with every new member of the Dental Success community.  Beginning with the end in mind, he takes inspiration from Steven Covey to guide Masterminders towards establishing a clear vision of what their ideal practice and life would look like when they transition out of clinical dentistry.  Listen in to set your own goals for the future and how to get there. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Aug 08
1507: Assets and Wealth Generation

Returning guest Dr. David Phelps sits down with Dr. Mark Costes today for more insights on building wealth and cash flow outside the practice.  Himself a former practice owner, David founded the Freedom Founders Mastermind Community helping dentists achieve financial freedom through real estate investing.  Here he shares his views on passive income, debt, savings, taxes and creating a sustainable, predictable, inflation-hedged investment portfolio. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Aug 05
1506: Digital Design Done For You

Today we look at the future of dentistry and how Artificial Intelligence can help take a practice to the next level.  Rob Laizure, Founding Partner of FullContour Design Services, speaks to Dr. Mark Costes on the benefits of utilizing AI digital design services for crowns, bridges, orthodontics, implants, guided surgery and removables.  With the latest advancement in 3D printing technology, Rob shares how digital design and AI can alleviate workflow bottlenecks, overcome high-priced CAD design, staff shortages, learning curves and slow turnaround times. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Aug 04
1505: Dentistry and Life

Dentists lead fast-paced, high-stress, intense lives.  For this reason, every dentist needs a life coach. This was the motivation for Chelsea Myers, Founder and CEO of Dental Life Coach, to offer transformative coaching to dental professionals and help them create the dental life they desire. Dr. Mark Costes chatted with Chelsea at the recent Dykema DSO conference to learn more about how dentists can become better communicators, have a positive relationship with money, increase case acceptance rates and improve talent retention. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Aug 03
1504: Venture Capital in Dentistry

Today’s guest is a general-dentist-turned-venture-capitalist who is changing the landscape of dental and systemic health ventures.  Dr. Jeremy Krell is Managing Partner of Revere Partners, the first-ever venture capital fund focused on oral health. At the Dykema DSO Conference recently held in Colorado, he talked to Dr. Mark Costes about how their dental industry expertise helps connect startups with investors and leaders of top dental chains, manufacturers, insurers, nationwide labs and retailers. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Aug 02
1503: The Ultimate Marketing Resource

Ryan Gross, DSI and DSN Chief Marketing Officer and Founder/CEO of MyCMOShare, returns to the Dentalpreneur Podcast to talk about The Dental Office Marketing Manual – a comprehensive playbook to dental marketing co-written with Dr. Addison Killeen and Kristin Carroll.  Using data to help make smart business decisions that drive dental practice growth, he gives a preview of the manual’s real world marketing examples and its lessons on brand experience, website and online presence, social media marketing, search engine marketing and optimization and how to measure Return on Marketing Investment. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Aug 01
1502: The Right Start

Amid soaring interest rates and rapid inflation, one might ask:  Is this a good time to take the first step towards startup practice ownership or an acquisition?  Drs. Taher Dhoon and Chris Green of The Practice Launchpad join Dr. Mark Costes in this episode to address this prevailing question in the dental vertical. Together, they identify red flags when evaluating loans, rentals, and dealing with contractors so as not to be taken advantage of.  They also stress the need for having a resource like The Practice Launchpad to guide one through practice transitions. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Jul 30
1501: Workforce Retention

This episode of The Dentalpreneur Podcast was recorded live from the recently held Dykema DSO Conference in Colorado where Dr. Mark Costes led a panel of experts on workforce retention and evolving into a Blackbelt Practice organization.  Joining him were Margaret McGuckin, Co-Founder & Principal of i3 Ignite, Dee Fischer, CEO of Fischer Professional Group, and Charles Moser, DEO Executive Coach.  Listen in for their tips on what it takes to be in the highest echelon of Blackbelt Practice and how to score high in leadership, culture and systemization, team accountability and the connection between efficiency and driving revenue. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Jul 29
1500: 1500th Episode

Today marks a milestone as The Dentalpreneur Podcast celebrates its 1,500th episode. Dr. Mark Costes looks back since its launch in June 2015 as a pioneering podcast dedicated to dentists and dental professionals. More than 6.8 million downloads with listenership in 150 countries and 1,500 episodes later, he is ever so committed to continue on his mission to help educate his listeners grow and streamline their practices and stimulate personal growth as well as to reach their full potential in business and in life. He heartfully thanks The Dentalpreneur Podcast’s loyal listeners, subject-matter-experts, thought-leader guests, sponsors, and production team for reaching this milestone! Here he shares his personal favorite episode of all time and replays the one with bestselling philosophical author, Ryan Holiday. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

1h 24m
Jul 28
1499: What’s Your Calling?

Podcasting on the last clinical day of the Dominican Dental Mission Project in San Jose de Ocoa, Dominican Republic, an audibly tired yet utterly inspired Dr. Mark Costes shares with listeners the travails as well as the rewards from a typical day on their annual dental mission.  Different from other dental humanitarian efforts, he talks about how the DDMP is completely mobile, transporting heavy equipment to a different mountain village each day to serve campesinos or country people in remote rural areas, converting schools, churches or whatever other available infrastructure into dental offices. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Jul 27
1498: Innovative Patient Financing

Are treatment costs a constant pain point for your patients?  Has this impacted case acceptance in your practice?  Today, Dr. Mark Costes speaks to Jay Letwat on Sunbit’s Buy-Now-Pay-Later Technology – a disruptive technology that helps patients who traditionally get declined at the financing point of sale.  Utilizing a behavioral model that considers multiple data points, even of patients with bad credit, to allow lenders to uniquely underwrite dental procedures worth anywhere from $60 to $20,000 and provide fair financing to people from all walks of life. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Jul 26
1497: Filling Your Bucket

Today’s episode of the Dentalpreneur Podcast was recently recorded from the remote town of San Jose de Ocoa in the south-central mountains of the Dominican Republic, where Dr. Mark Costes took a brief break from performing annual missionary dentistry to chat with his friend and fellow practicing dentist and mission volunteer, Dr. Aaron Nicholas. Listen in on their moving conversation about the Dominican Dental Mission Project and how it has provided a variety of dental services not otherwise available to the rural poor of the Dominican Republic.  Defying primitive conditions, they talk about the team of volunteers’ humanitarian efforts amid extremely shocking levels of poverty, and why they consider these dental missions as the best “vacations” ever. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Jul 25
1496: Org Char Do's and Don'ts

As your single practice grows into multiple practices, it is imperative as CEO and business owner to have an effective organizational chart and a proper chain of command.  Speaking from experience and sharing the lessons he learned from mistakes he made, Dr. Mark Costes teaches how a CEO must have the fewest number of direct reports, why there shouldn’t be redundancies in positions, and when to hire an executive team of C-Suite officers. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Jul 22
1495: Cheating Death at the Highest Level Pt. 2

How does one go from crashing into a wall at 220 MPH in a pre-Indy 500 race, being punctured by a suspension rod in his femoral artery and almost bleeding to death, to defying all predictions for recovery only after four months and winning a Grand Prix?  In one word…mindset.  In this second part of Dr. Mark Costes’ keynote interview with James Hinchcliffe, the six-time Indy Car Winner talks about the grit and discipline it took for him to push the limits and the mindset that spells the difference between being good and being great. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Jul 21
1494: Cheating Death at the Highest Level Pt. 1

In this first of two episodes from Dr. Mark Costes’ keynote interview at the Dental Success Summit 2022, we hear of the struggles and obstacles hurdled by six-time Indy Car Winner, James Hinchcliffe.  James reveals the ups and downs of Indy Car Racing, the challenges to find sponsorship and funding, as well as the mental and physical demands of the motorsport. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Jul 20
1493: GSD Framework

Dr. Mark Costes gives you the lowdown on how to GSD (Get S--- Done!) by establishing systems that hold every team member accountable for their contribution to attaining WIGs or Wildly Important Goals.  More than just measuring Production, Collection and New Patients, he stresses the importance of setting new metrics and a higher level of statistical analysis to make smart decisions about one’s dental business. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Jul 19
1492: Information - Implementation Gap

In this episode, Dr. Mark Costes asks the questions he asked at the Mastermind sessions in 2015 which are ever so relevant today: Where are you now?  Where do you want to go?  How do you get there? Let him guide you through this exercise to envision what you would want your dental practice to look like and reverse engineer the steps toward your goals.  He also underscores the time-tested leadership principles of John C. Maxwell essential to a successful dental practice. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Jul 18
1491: Recognizing and Executing on Opportunity Pt. 2

Part 2 of Dr. Mark Costes’ interview with Dentalpreneur Dr. Dave Ferguson showcases the slew of other successful dental-related businesses he founded on top of his 18-practice group dentistry.  Today, he shares his concept of “ethical capitalism” and talks more about his passion projects for special need patients with I/DD, his business to help treat sleep apnea as well as providing orthodontic education for General Dentists. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Jul 15
1490: Recognizing and Executing on Opportunity Pt. 1

How do you grow a single practice into an 18-practice group dentistry in 5 states using a business model based on partnerships?  In this episode, Dr. Mark Costes asks forensic interview questions into how Dr. Dave Ferguson, a true-blue Dentalpreneur, built and scaled his business, earning for himself Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year regional award. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Jul 14
1489: Your Team IS The Answer Pt. 2

Who do you want your organization to be?  In Part 2 of DSI Blackbelt Coach, Dr. Summer Kassmel’s talk, she asks this question to help define one’s corporate culture.  She also zeroes in on the importance of servant leadership, espousing humility in the entire organization, as well as the value of accountability, motivation, trust, courage, and creativity among team members to attain their highest potential. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Jul 13
1488: Your Team IS the Answer – Part 1

Today’s Dentalpreneur Podcast features one of the favorite speakers from the recently held Dental Success Summit 2022.  In this first of a two-episode treat, DSI Blackbelt Coach, Dr. Summer Kassmel, knows only too well the challenges of hiring, onboarding, and retaining team members.  Find out how she developed a winning work culture, vision, mission, and core values for her team, and how you could do the same for yours. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Jul 12
1487: Is there Hope for Dentistry?

In today’s episode, Dr. Mark Costes highlights his answer to hopelessness in the dental profession which has been marred by isolationism, toxicity, and negativity.  Listen and learn from the frameworks he shares to effectively become more competent, efficient, and resilient in practice ownership and management, with the support of a collaborative community such as DSI and DSN. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Jul 11
1486: Pros and Cons of Ownership

In this episode of The Dentalpreneur Podcast, Dr. Mark Costes explains the value behind our skillset as dentists. He unpacks why the default rates on dental practice loans are so low, and why banks are so eager to loan to dentists. Furthermore he compares the value of dental practices to other businesses, and demonstrates the value behind the assets we are able to grow with our own two hands.  EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Jul 08
1485: Partnership Considerations Pt. 2

Alastair Macdonald joins Dr. Mark Costes in this repeat episode on pre-partnership considerations. This is a highly requested topic, so we thought we should revisit some of the wisdom they dropped in this presentation. Tune in to hear the two mechanisms that drive our actions in partnerships, the keys to understanding roles and expectations, and what makes someone qualified for a partnership. EPISODE RESOURCES __ __

Jul 07