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You Are a Prayer Answered

Regardless of what you may have done, or how many times you go astray, you matter. Some of us know directly how we matter in the life of another person. Others of us may never know where or how or for whom we mattered. But, rest assured, you are the answer to someone’s prayer.

Mar 24
Tell me Something Good

What happens when we’re confronted by a situation where “figuring it out” just doesn’t work? Sometimes it’s only when all our problem-solving skills fall short that we remember there’s a deeper intelligence within us, offering us our perfect answer. “I don’t know how, but Spirit does!

Mar 17
That’s How We’ve Never Done It: Up Until Now…

It’s time to acknowledge our past (good, bad, and ugly) while disentangling ourselves from it. It’s time to forgive and release old patterns that no longer serve us. Let’s install and practice a new script: “UP UNTIL NOW…”

Mar 11
It’s a Brand New Day, with Unlimited Possibilities

We wake up each morning to infinite possibility: unlimited, overflowing Good that waits only for our acceptance of it. Are we willing to embrace that potential? Dare we choose Heaven on Earth? Rev. Dr. Ruth Miller helps us understand the physics and metaphysics behind this Truth, so our brains can accept Reality and allow us to choose our new Now, our Heaven-on-Earth, every day.

1h 21m
Mar 03
Collectively Participate in the Grand Rising through Embracing Discomfort

Being uncomfortable is the least of our concerns, because we have a lotta love work to do. Stepping out of our comfort zone allows us to participate in the Grand Rising. We wake up from unconscious beliefs and behaviors, and move towards conscious action that supports evolution individually and collectively.

Feb 25
It's A New Life

Changing ourselves, our community, and therefore the world is not for the faint of heart. The challenges in front of us may sometimes seem or feel insurmountable. But with the power and Love and Spirit, expressing Itself as us, we can do anything!

Feb 18
Transformation begins …. with Love

As we move through comfort to discomfort to growth, returning again to the journey at a higher awareness and greater willingness to live outside our comfort zone, we become more of who we truly are. Patti Smith wrote, “We go through life. We shed our skins. We become ourselves.” As we become more aware, every experience on our journey brings us closer to God, closer to our Selves. February, the month we celebrate Love, reminds us that the ultimate comfort, peace, harmonious life is as Love. Allowing ourselves to hope / know that Love is the kernel of Light in every fear, every false belief, waiting patiently to be revealed, is the transformative healing process. Join us to explore the transformation that begins, lives, and ends with Love, the Divine Light that is who we are.

1h 31m
Feb 11
Embracing the Power in Transformation

As we, and all humanity, rise in consciousness to be more fully Who we truly Are, old things fall apart to make room for the new; shells break open; and comfortable habits no longer work. Join Rev. Dr. Ruth Miller as she explores the experience of this transformation process we have chosen to be part of – how we can transcend the apparent discomfort of the moment and surf the tidal wave of Love.

Feb 05
Feeliong Good

The past doesn’t define us. Now is the time to apply the lessons learned and put our teaching into practice. We are the heroes that the world has been seeking.

Jan 28
It's a new day

The past doesn’t define us. Now is the time to apply the lessons learned and put our teaching into practice. We are the heroes that the world has been seeking.

Jan 15
The Grand Rising

All humanity is being invited to live from an intention to co-create a world that works for everyone, led by the Spirit within and recognizing that the power of that intention creates a beautiful ripple of love across the planet. Today, Rev. Dr. Ruth L. Miller explores with us the nature of the Grand Rising that is happening around the world – and our role, as a Center for Spiritual Living, in the process.

Jan 07
The Golden Bowl: Intentions for 2024

Go beyond typical “New Year’s Resolutions” and learn to create lasting changes in your life. Participate in our “Golden Bowl” service and have your desires for newness clarified and witnessed by our spiritual leaders. Attendees of our virtual spiritual community participate in the ritual online (during the live process) by joining a Licensed Practitioner via Zoom to complete the ritual. Welcome, 2024!

Dec 31, 2023
Deck the Halls!

Come join us for Christmas carols and a message of hope as we celebrate the light of the season.

Dec 24, 2023
Recognizing Wholeness; Seeing the Good in All

There is a vision of love and wholeness deep within us all, an intuitive sense of our Oneness with God and with each other.

Dec 10, 2023
Embracing Our Wholeness

Our desires are actually our yearning to experience the qualities of God in our lives. We inherently know that, deep within us, is pure wholeness, and we want to feel that. Indeed, all religions and all spiritual traditions have been established to provide that. And yet, we still yearn; we still struggle to find that experience. Rev. Dr. Ruth Miller offers us some insights and actions that can help us embrace this truth of our being.

Dec 03, 2023
Paving Youir Way to Happiness

Want more joy in your life? Develop a practice of daily gratitude regardless of life’s challenges and observe opportunities unfold.

Nov 26, 2023
Gratitude is a State of Grace

When we live in gratitude, we lift our frequency and live in a infinite state of possibility.

Nov 19, 2023
Sacrerd Gift

As many of us, I learned early in life about the “Sacred Heart of Jesus”. That it is ethereal and something to be looked up at in awe. Separate and unattainable. When I discovered the Church of Religious Science (“yellow church on Foster”) in 1980, I began to realize that the Sacred Heart of Jesus also lives and beats in me! Rather than feel like I would go to Hell for such a thought, I knew that the inclusion, the One, the Unity that represents is Truth. Even though I couldn’t at that time articulate the joy and wonder that I felt. Indeed, Albert Einstein is correct (no surprise there!) when he said, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Life is a sacred gift. When we live from the Sacred Life, the ideals of Christ live through us. Unhindered. Flowing smoothly through our lives. What a glorious gift it is!

Nov 12, 2023
One Presence Always-In All Ways

In this month’s exploration of the Sacred, Profane, and Mundane, we’re offered the opportunity to practice the living Presence of Spirit, everywhere. Rev. Dr. Ruth Miller invites us to turn off our left-brain evaluations long enough to experience the One Mind in all things as we go through our day.

Nov 05, 2023
The Genius of the "AND"

Builders of greatness liberate themselves with the “Genius of the ‘AND’ ― paraphrased from Jim Collins. This week we explore solutions, possibilities, and potentials that exist as we release ourselves from the bondage of the known and step into the unknown, where paradoxes play.

Oct 29, 2023
Breaking Free of the “OR” in the Appearance of War`

Our world is full of paradoxes that are pushing us to the breaking point in many ways. We are at a tipping point that asks us to live in the “AND” – breaking free of the “OR”.

Oct 22, 2023
Shaking Up Our World View

This journey of paradox calls us to curiosity and a willingness to stay in the question rather than know the answer. This uncertainty leads to vulnerability, which can be challenging. Luckily, there are tools we can use along the way to remember that playfulness is the key even in the midst of challenges.

Oct 15, 2023
Rock and Rollin through Life

Ever experienced your life really being on a roll and…BAM…you run into a rock? Inspired by music, we’ll get to the heart of how to roll once again by becoming Rock Steady.

Oct 08, 2023
Rock and Rolling Through Life

Ever experienced your life really being on a roll and…BAM…you run into a rock? Inspired by music, we’ll get to the heart of how to roll once again by becoming Rock Steady.

Oct 08, 2023
What If it is Coming Together by Appearing to Fall Apart?

In a rapidly changing and often very polarized world, where we put our attention is of the essence. Join us to explore the paradox of life as it calls us forward to bring forth something new this year to teach us the importance of putting our attention where we want our life to be. “There is much, much more going on than we ordinarily think.” -Rosamund and Benjamin Zander from their book ‘The Art of Possibility’ “I live in a responsive, creative system called LIFE, therefore I put my attention where I want my life to be. “

Oct 01, 2023
Love Wins!

Whatever the question, Love is the answer.

Sep 24, 2023
Love Thy Neighbor

Living by example and loving each other, regardless of our differences, is the perfect way to create a world that works for everyone.

Sep 17, 2023
Love on a Spectrum

Light is right where you are, and it is the complete answer to what you need, now and always.

Sep 10, 2023
I Love Myself So Much

I love myself so much, so I can love you so much, so you can love you so much, so you can start loving me!

Sep 03, 2023