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Love Wins!

Whatever the question, Love is the answer.

Sep 24
Love Thy Neighbor

Living by example and loving each other, regardless of our differences, is the perfect way to create a world that works for everyone.

Sep 17
Love on a Spectrum

Light is right where you are, and it is the complete answer to what you need, now and always.

Sep 10
I Love Myself So Much

I love myself so much, so I can love you so much, so you can love you so much, so you can start loving me!

Sep 03
The Effusion if Light

Light is right where you are, and it is the complete answer to what you need, now and always.

Aug 27
The Reality of Affluence

Prosperity is not just having a lot of money. It is having a consciousness of the flow of substance.

2h 8m
Aug 20
Percolate Your Perfectly Imperfect Passions as You Live Your Purpose Out Loud!”

Discover how to become a more deliberate creator as you activate your purpose with passion, finding a place of self-acceptance along the way, in order to step fully into living a life out loud.

Aug 13
Paths of Passion

Once we discover what we have faith in, we can begin to see our path of fulfillment, called in Sanskrit, our Dharma. It may not seem clear at first, but there are clues we can follow. Rev. Dr. Ruth Miller shares some of those clues and invites us to take a few steps as we seek to discover the True Path that is unique to each of us.

Aug 06
Heart Stones

Walk the Labyrinth path to transform the stones in your heart. Feel them shift from obstructions to openers of new energy and illuminated pathways.

Jul 30
To Be or Not To Be

Was Shakespeare the only person allowed to ask such a question? What if you were to dare to ask such a question of yourself, within your own life? To be or not to be?

Jul 23
The Healing Stream

All the attributes of the Infinite are in focus as you, flowing forth through you. You are this flow at the point where you are.

Jul 16
Living Life From Within Out

The whole universe is concentrated at the point where you are. More than this, you are the universe expressing as you.

Jul 09
The Word of Truth as Command

“Faith is the Confidence to Command” says Emma Curtis Hopkins, teacher of Ernest Holmes and a hundred other New Thought leaders. “If you had faith the size of a mustard seed you would command…” is one of the teachings of the New Testament. And what is speaking Truth in the face of undesirable circumstances, but commanding that Truth to appear as our experience? Rev. Dr. Ruth Miller helps us see and know how the power of the One Mind spoken through us as Truth can dispel any semblance of distress.

Jul 02
Personliozing the Infinite

Isn’t it wonderful to be open to all the things you desire? Here is a preview to understand how you can become so much more than that of which you have previously only dreamed.

Jun 25
We are Pushed by Pain Until We Are Pulled by Vision

Have you ever wondered why we wait for the proverbial 2x4 before we take action? What would life look like if we really BELIEVED we are worthy of God's good. I believe we are designed by God for greatness. So why the heck do I continue to limit the unlimited? Let's get real and find out cat's really stopping us from being pulled by your visions. I'm not fond of pain, you?

Jun 18
Balancing Grief and Joy

Everyone experiences grief, but not everyone knows what to do with it. Learn how to handle your emotions even in grieving times.

Jun 11
Yoiur Most Important Relationship

Self-care is an integral part of our human experience. Our evolution depends on our commitment to self-care.

Jun 04
Lights, Camera,Action!

We live life’s performance on the center stage. We get to decide if we live fully out loud or hide our light. We are each blessed with a bright light, so why not radiate our special brilliance at its fullest?

May 28
Shadow and Light Dancing Together

Have you ever noticed that you could see the stars most clearly in a very dark sky? When we experience the shadows – times of hardship, grief, challenge – it sometimes seems that the Light has vanished. And yet, it is almost always at this time that huge breakthroughs occur and the Light shines more brightly than ever. Our lives are a dance through times of shadow and of Light. Let’s make it a waltz!

May 21
Opening to the Light

Humans have a tendency to fear the unknown and that which we don’t understand. However, darkness is the fertile space of creation, creativity, and the womb. The darkness gives birth to the light.

May 14
Discovering What You Really Believe

Most of us were raised to believe in a particular person or idea. We were taught to say, “I believe in Jesus,” or “I believe in Science,” or “I believe there is no god,” or whatever our family, teachers, and elders told us was true. But our lives haven’t always demonstrated what we were taught to say. Rev. Dr. Ruth Miller draws on the Science of Mind teachers to explore why that is so and how we can discover what our real beliefs are–and how to change them.

May 08
Power and Possibility

Authentic vulnerability becomes the gateway to power and possibility. It calls us to be who we are and creates the space for others to do the same as we all move through the exciting adventure of transformation. That’s when we intentionally step into the power and possibility that being authentic and open brings.

Apr 30
Honor the Mystery, Embrace the Change

Portland Center for Spiritual Living is in a powerful and exciting time as a new Senior Minister is being welcomed into the life and love of this Center. The Co-Creation Process and the Sacred Covenant created from it have established a new mental equivalent and set in motion the mystery of change. The opportunity is for all members to open their hearts, to be fertile soil and to accept and embrace the Good of a new experience of a New Minister.

Apr 23
Letting Go and Letting In

Renewal of our Earth home – Renewal of body, of soul, of Spirit – Renewal of Faith – Renewal of belongingness – Renewed sight, as in seeing things anew or having New Thought

Apr 16
Most Treasured Gift (Easter)

Possessions are wonderful and a blessing. But our greatest gift is the awareness of our eternal Oneness and infinite possibility.

Apr 09
Becomin Peace by Releasing What Was

As we mature, we become aware of more and more layers and dimensions of who we are. And, if we’re paying attention, an amazing thing happens: we begin to understand the patterns and the people who have shaped our lives in the past. Rev. Dr. Ruth Miller will share a process for releasing these patterns and the energy around those people–and how the world becomes more peaceful as we go through it.

Apr 02
Sepping Into "Enoughness"

Approval is a form of judgement. Embracing “enoughness,” or knowing that we are whole, perfect and complete, is an unfolding journey that we are each walking, at our own pace. Releasing the need for approval as we travel this road, is the process of shedding the habit of shame and self-shame/judgement. Cultivating authenticity means having the courage to release shame as we seek to “Live Out Loud.”

Mar 26
Boundaries Build Bridges

While physical boundaries can act as walls, when we communicate our boundaries, instead of a wall, we are creating a clear path for others to connect with us. Boundaries build bridges.

Mar 19
Dropping the Masks and Bushels

We wear masks in celebration, for fun, and to be safe. Masks that we wear for our hearts may keep us safe until they don’t. Vulnerability empowers us to drop the mask and let our light shine. Season of Peace & Nonviolence (CSL= Cultivating Authenticity: Dropping the Masks and Bushels)

Mar 12
Dropping the Masks and Bushels

We wear masks in celebration, for fun, and to be safe. Masks that we wear for our hearts may keep us safe until they don’t. Vulnerability empowers us to drop the mask and let our light shine. Season of Peace & Nonviolence (CSL= Cultivating Authenticity: Dropping the Masks and Bushel

Mar 12