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Thom Singer


Successful executives cannot always play it safe. They make waves. This podcast explores the gap between potential and results in business. This is a show for people who seek career success. If you desire motivation, ideas, inspiration, and the chance to learn from people who are living their dreams, then “Making Waves at C-Level” (Formerly “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do”) should be added to your subscribed “must hear” podcasts. This show was designed to help people get “unstuck” in their careers and are seeking ideas around leadership. Each episode brings you the successful stories of business leaders who have created their own success. Creating the right team, hiring skilled talent, managing other leaders, goal setting, mentorship, mastermind groups, mindset, marketing, sales, millionaires, career path, peak performance, thinking bigger, networking, enthusiasm, re-invention, leveling up, and financial planning are just some of the topics that are covered each week. Thom Singer is an executive search consultant. He is the author of 12 books and has been the featured speaker at over 1000 business and association events. Join him on this journey and become part of the “Making Waves” community. #CEO #leaders #leadership #entrepreneurs #business #biztips

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756. Collaboration

We hear a lot about "Collaboration"...but too often we see selfish people just using the word. Collaboration is a two way street. If you always start with "What's in it for me" you are not a collaborator. If you use collaboration as a buzz word for "Sales", you are not thinking win / win. In this short episodes Thom shares his beliefs about what is collaboration. To really collaborate you need to have shared vision, open communication, mutual respect, and trust. But people enter collaborative situations and then want full control, they don't share important information, and they withhold resources. Some believe you have to be all out for yourself if you want to win. Thom Singer thinks in the long run you are more satisfied in life when you embrace collaboration. Ask yourself if you really see advantages to collaboration. If yes, live by example. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jun 06, 2023
755. Authenticity as a Leader

Authentic leaders win in the long run. If you are pretending to have leadership success... people see through the lies. This episode talks about how to not only highlight your victories, but how great leaders admit their faults. Thom Singer recently received six emails from people showing how someone told a blatant lie in their bio. They claimed something that was entirely made up, and people in the community knew this was just BS and were forwarding the bio around to others showing how this leader, known to be narcissist, had graduated to just making things up in their resume. If you are not authentic, people will know. While nobody had the guts to call this person out in public (we still live in a mostly polite society that is resistant to conflict), people were circulating the lies with long chain emails about this person. Not good. Does your resume have blatant lies? This episode of "Making Waves at C-Level" will make you rethink. Like we have not learned enough from Congressman George Santos who simply created a trail of made up things. Eventually his lies were seen. The person mentioned in this episode who padded their resume (who would hate being compared to Trump or Santos) would cringe at the emails making that connection. You do not need to lie in your resume unless you are a total fraud who feels you are weak. Strong leaders can rely on their strengths and can admit their mistakes. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

May 22, 2023
754. C-Level Execs Should Still Network

You are at the top of your game. You are a c-level executive. Why in the world would you go to a networking event? The networking events have people who are not as impressive as you, and you only want to hang out with the cool kids. Why should you network? You need to network for many reasons, and you should not prejudge people whose job titles do not start with a "C". It is good for your own career and the reputation of you company if you are seen as participating in your community. Over the long run, non-famous CEOs who keep engaged in their community will find more ways to collaborate and uncover opportunities. Too many are thinking if they go to a Chamber of Commerce event or Industry Conference that they will be annoyed by up and comers who want to talk to them. But many of those same people might inspire you. The best leaders I know want a lot of diversity in their conversations. Hide in an Ivory Tower and your company may lose. Who is better at reputation management and community engagement..You or your competitors? If its not your team, then your competition might get a leg up. This episode Thom Singer shares his three reasons to network even when you are in the C-Suite. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

May 15, 2023
753. Make Community a Priority

Community, collaboration, and conversations can solve all problems. But not everyone leads with community. Too many people look at everything they do as having the need to be 10x'd. Yes, these young leaders who are disciples of Grant Cardone or Gary Vee tend to look at everything as their personal investment that must 10x. One young entrepreneur told me he could not join an industry association unless he could see a guarantee to 10x his dues to his bottom line. Ummmm, that is not how supporting a greater cause works. I am not saying you should do everything for charity. You should focus on making money. But if everything is about how you make money, or if every relationship is about whom you can be friends with who can help becomes phony. The fakest person I know lives this way. The funny things is their close friends admit they have seen them dump people who are not "up" the food chain, and all know they can be pushed out of the friend circle on her whim. This is a bad way to live. One of her closest friends said "she is unhappy in her soul, but never lets it out to anyone". I would rather have less money and be part of community. In this episode I challenge listeners of the podcast to think about if they have one day a week that they do not lead with "What's in it for me?". Imagine if every human took one day to serve the greater good and help others find success. They would have 6 other days to kick ass, but we would have a lot more people helping others, too. What did you think of this rant of an episode? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

May 12, 2023
752. Epidemic of Loneliness - Are Your Employees Disconnected?

There is an epidemic of loneliness in our society. People feel disconnected. Many admit to not having close friends. And these people work on your team. These issues go back before the pandemic, but it has become more pronounced in the last three years. When people feel part of a community, they will be more dedicated to their jobs. But with so many remote workers, it is harder to have a meaningful relationship with coworkers. This episode challenges leaders to look at their team and really understanding who feels disconnected. If you want to up your retention rates, you have to get people to feel engaged with the whole company. Do you feel alone, or do you know your team has people who are disconnected? Are you doing something about this? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

May 09, 2023
751. Try New Things for Career Success

In another short episode of "Making Waves at C-Level", Thom Singer shares his thoughts about trying new things and the journey he has been on to reinvent himself since turning 50. It is easy to be in a comfort zone - but that can hold you back. In your career and life you need to branch out and try new things. Thom is open that throughout his life he did not go for things in life or business that he did not think he would kick ass. But being scared to try new things holds you back. He shares the story of doing Stand Up Comedy at age 52 and how he has now done over 160 open mic nights. While he is NOT that funny (yet?), going out and doing it anyway has helped him succeed in other ways. Pushing yourself into had situations prepares you for other tough hurdles that come up in the journey of life. Often people get worried about if others are judging them. But if we worry about what other people think, we do not do all the things that we can experience. What have you always wanted to try that you have never attempted. This episode will challenge you to go do it. You need not succeed, but making the effort will help you grow. And you will also find that other people are not paying attention and judging you as much as you think. Listen to this episode. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

May 03, 2023
750. Making Friends in Business

Networking (and the benefits of having a real network) is not just about passing out business cards or having LinkedIn connections. The real opportunities come from building friendships. But making friends is harder as we get older. There are many reason why, but if you want to make friends, you have to lead with being a friend. Entrepreneurs who are known, liked, and trusted always seem to win over the long run. Being a jerk has short term value, but I know one very rich person who everyone hates. So what if he has a nice car and fancy house, being around him it is clear he is insecure and sad. This episode talks about how and why to make friendships in your career and to encourage your employees to do the same. But you are not friends with everyone you meet. Meeting someone once does NOT make them part of your network. Change up how you think about people and friendships in business and you will find long-term success. Yes, people really do prefer to do business with those they know, like, and trust. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

May 01, 2023
749. Networking Matters For Sales Professionals

Sometimes sales managers try to discourage their sales professionals from networking. This is often NOT because they think it is a waste of time, it is because they fear that if the high achiever is well known in a community or industry, they will be hired away by another company. For the individual contributor, your network is your key to a long career. If you are not known and you get laid off, you have to start at square one. So never allow your network to be cold or non-existent. You must get engaged in your community / industry to ensure you have options. Plus, when you are seen as the subject will make more sales. So why would a leader not want their people to network. In today's world if you have a good employee, others will know about her or him. You cannot hide people away and assume this will be good for the company. Having your whole team engaged in your industry and community raises the visibility of you company. When your team is well known, and you offer competitive products and services... .more people will come to look at your offerings. This should lead to more sales. I am surprised when leaders fear having their best people be well why would you want mediocre sales people that nobody knows or wants? Sure you keep them, but they do not move the company ahead. Instead, get everyone engaged and raise the profile of your company. Sure some will get recruited away, but a good leader creates a culture and environment where people want to work. If you are an individual contributor.....why is networking bad? Is it because you should just be the best kept secret and do things for the company? Your employer will not blink at laying you off if bad time come. Thus having a network is key to your future. If you are a boss who discourages your people from networking...why? Is part of it because you fear they will leave if others find out how great they are? If this is part of your reason, you need to realize they will leave anyway if you are not giving them a path to a future they want. I think the individual and the company both win when their team is very well connected. This is both inside your company and outside your company. Do not worry about losing a few people, look at what can happen if everyone is well known in your industry.... you company will be the leader. What is your thoughts on this topic? Let me know. ******** Welcome to the new short format episodes of "Making Waves at C-Level". The show had been on hiatus, and as we come back we are doing 7 - 10 minute short talks to inspire you to think. You wont agree with all my thoughts, but that is how we all learn and grow. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Apr 24, 2023

Today's podcast is a quick plug for a new book called "Everyone Wants to Work Here" by Maura Thomas. In this episode Thom Singer shares reasons to read this new book, especially how well chapter 7 describes the realities of how remote and hybrid work are changing business. Thom admits that Maura is his friend, but this is not why he chose to share the information about her book... he shared this because it is a good book that all leaders need to read. Attracting the right talent is a major concern of every business leader, and keeping them engaged and energized matters more than ever. If you want you company to dominate your need to check this out. Find the book on Amazon Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Apr 18, 2023
747. Don't Be Full of Sh*t

After a long hiatus, Thom Singer returns to hosing "Making Waves at C-Level". But as he always teaches, we have to try new things. He is stepping away from interviews, and doing short episodes with ideas and advice. Today he talks about leaders who pretend they are prefect and who lie on social media about how great they are (when you often know they are fluffing up their greatness). He says real leaders can admit to mistakes. What do you think? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Apr 17, 2023
CEO of Gembah - Henrik Johansson

Check out this episode of "Making Waves at C-Level" when Thom Singer sits down with serial entrepreneur Henrik Johansson from Gembah. About Henrik Johansson Henrik Johansson is a serial entrepreneur who co-founded and built the product company Boundless into a $100M company. Currently he is the co-founder and CEO of Gembah, a product development platform and marketplace, and the Executive Producer of Final Product, a reality TV show incubated at Gembah. He was previously a co-founder and board member of OutboundEngine, and before that the president of EverydayWealth, and co-founder and president of Creditland. Johansson specializes in technology-enabled services, marketplaces, and software as a service. He is an expert on scaling startups, building world-class teams, culture, and scalable processes and infrastructure and has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Austin Business Journal, and was named Counselor's 2017 Person of the Year. About Gembah- The 1st Marketplace for Product Development Gembah is a product development marketplace specializing in bringing new products to market through all stages of development. Gembah connects creators with its global network of designers, engineers, and supply chain specialists and oversees production at factories in China, Southeast Asia, Mexico, and South America. Founded on the belief that humans are natural inventors, the company’s goal is to empower creators and make product development accessible to anyone. Gembah was established in 2018 in Austin, TX and has been featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur. To learn more, visit, or find us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. Https://henrik-johansson Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Feb 01, 2023
SmartBiz with Evan Singer

When a podcast host gets an inquiry from someone with a great last name, how do you not put them on the show! LOL. In this episode Thom Singer sits down to talk AI Powered Financing Platform, SmartBiz with CEO Evan Singer (no relation - they are NOT cousins or brothers). About Evan Singer: Evan Singer is CEO of SmartBiz, the leading AI-powered small business financing platform equipping entrepreneurs with access to the right capital at the right time. To date, SmartBiz has connected borrowers with more than $9 billion in financing while increasing efficiency for its network of banks and trusted lending partners. More than 230,000 entrepreneurs have utilized SmartBiz to access the funding they need to grow, with 60% of loans made to minority, women, or veteran-owned businesses. Singer was honored as a Top 100 Stanford Alumni in Technology in 2021 and a Top 25 CEO in Fintech in 2022.    About SmartBiz: On the heels of the Great Recession, a team of technologists, entrepreneurs, and finance geeks came together to find an easier way for small businesses to apply for and secure low-cost funds from banks. United in the belief that the right capital at the right time can cause any small business to thrive, the early SmartBiz team committed themselves to connect every entrepreneur with the funds they need to fortify and grow their businesses. Today, small businesses of every size and type turn to SmartBiz for reliable access to SBA, bank term, and custom financing. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jan 05, 2023
Stories that F*cking Matter with Steven Le Vine

Listen now for lessons in PR from the founder and president of Grapevine PR in Austin, Texas.   This episode is co-produced with the Austin Technology Council. ATC is a 30 year old association focused on promoting and facilitating growth of technology companies in Central Texas. Over the past three decades the business ecosystem in Austin has changed, and ATC is actively changing, too. Learn more at Steven Le Vine has released a new book called "Stories That F*cking Matter: Three pillars of epic storytelling to dominate media headlines, win clients, and grow your business". This is a must read for all business leaders.   About Steven Le Vine: Steven Le Vine is an award-winning publicist and PR strategist, and founder of Grapevine PR, since 2006. The firm's clients include tech and consumer brands, celebrities and high-profile experts. He has secured clients wide-ranging press from sit-down interviews with Oprah, The View, The Talk, NBC Today, CNBC, and CNN, to placements in Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, The New York Times, TechCrunch, WIRED, Fast Company, Business Insider, Men's Journal, USA Today, People, Variety, and more. He is a frequent media personality and contributor for prominent publications, including Forbes and Rolling Stone, where he offers his expert insight on PR and entrepreneurship. He has taken home nearly two dozen awards for his firm, including "Agency of the Year" and "Campaign of the Year," on behalf of his work for clients including William Shatner, Lisa Loeb, Danny Pintauro, and many others. Le Vine is the co-author of the new PR book, Stories That F*cking Matter: Three Pillars of Epic Storytelling to Dominate Media Headlines, Win Clients and Grow Your Business. He resides in Austin, TX. About the book, Stories That F*cking Matter Three Pillars of Epic Storytelling to Dominate Media Headlines, Win Clients and Grow Your Business: A well-crafted story has the power to literally mold reality, win over hearts and change minds! The story is the most powerful tool humans have ever discovered. But what makes up a great, expertly constructed story? What’s the difference between a good story and a really f*cking great story? In this book, PR and media industry experts Steven Le Vine and Garrett McClure share their secret formula and winning playbooks from over two decades of proven success in earned, owned and paid media. This book reveals proven and effective PR & Media strategies, insider tips and growth hacks to tell a story that f*cking matters in order to cut through the noise of today’s fragmented media landscape and get seen and heard. Get an insider’s behind-the-scenes look into the world of PR, delivering proven methods and strategies along the way for entrepreneurs and experts to take media outreach into their own hands, tell a great story, make headlines, and succeed at growing their brands and businesses. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Dec 08, 2022
recruitAbility CEO Nad Elias

This episode is co-produced with the Austin Technology Council. ATC is a 30 year old association focused on promoting and facilitating growth of technology companies in Central Texas. Over the past three decades the business ecosystem in Austin has changed, and ATC is actively changing, too. Learn more at Today we chat with Nad Elias, CEO at recruitAbility. His story of working in the recruiting business for nearly 25 years, and his commitment to growing his team and culture will inspire you.   About Nad Elias Nad Elias has been in the search recruitment industry for 20+ years. Recognized as one of the top 50 recruiters in Texas, he is known for working with and advising companies on their talent acquisition and retention strategies, consistently delivering on-target results, and building high-performing teams. Nad founded recruitAbility with the purpose-driven mission to make the lives of everyone they connect with better. Nad’s career has spanned all aspects of employer and people development. He’s trained, lead, and developed recruiting organizations serving various industries while always focusing on the value-added services they provide when it’s done right. His experience includes running executive searches and managing nationwide projects with companies ranging in size from start-ups to the Fortune 500. He began his career out of college in the recruiting industry, and it’s all he’s ever known. Austin is home to Nad and his family. A University of Texas graduate, he is the incoming President of the Central US Entrepreneurs Organization (EO). He has been a finalist for Austin’s best CEO’s by the Austin Business Journal for the last 2 years and has lead recruitAbility to one of Austin’s best places to work the last 4 out of 5 years. When he’s not following the active lifestyles of his two kids, Nad plays and coaches basketball and enjoys a round of golf whenever he can fit it in! About recruitAbility  recruitAbility is a tech enabled consulting firm in the recruiting industry that partners with business leaders to strategically grow their organizations. We set out to reimagine recruiting by building a process and platform that helps our clients find and retain the right people. We help our clients grow through our direct hire, contract, and managed recruiting solutions. HTTPS://  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Nov 22, 2022
The Future of Search with Madhu Basu

This episode is co-produced with the Austin Technology Council. ATC is a 30 year old association focused on promoting and facilitating growth of technology companies in Central Texas. Over the past three decades the business ecosystem in Austin has changed, and ATC is actively changing, too. Learn more at Today we chat changes in the world of "search" with Madhu Basu from Unnanu. In this episode we talk about how the right tech brings more opportunities, and how he sees "search" as broken. About Madhu Basu   Madhu has been an Austinite for over 23 years, living in Austin metropolis. He is the CEO and Founder of Unnanu, a technology startup from Austin that helps businesses by utilizing a patented contextual weighted keyword search. Also, the founder and CEO of PMCS Services, provides IT consulting, staffing, and solutions services for over 16 years.   He also co-founded three more businesses previously. Madhu is the former President of a non-profit organization that focuses on community services and awareness within the Austin sub-continent Indian community. Madhu is married to Sheela and has two children, Charita and Praneel. About Unnanu   Unnanu technology will help get relevant information to people or businesses faster. We put forth effort to find data, media, or content in a business-driven society where people can get the advantage of services by businesses investing in society and people by creating jobs, healthy living, and support. We currently provide a simple solution for businesses to have resumes scored to be able to find the best candidate and a complete hiring platform with an integrated JobBoard, ATS, and OnBoard solution. We built a disruptive technology to bring highly qualified individuals to companies, and we want to make their hiring process seamless, effective, and efficient. Unnanu offers users a plethora of highly useful features like in-app messaging, offers, referrals, an on-boarding process, and even the ability to conduct interviews right within the app. Also, the ability to compare new opportunities and offers side by side so that you can make your next career move with confidence.  Our approach is seamless, effective, and simple. It is much faster than traditional job boards and job sites. Unnanu is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with more offices to be open in the near future. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Nov 03, 2022
Offering Employee Benefits with Michael Bigley

Thom sits down to talk about why companies should offer employee benefits with the President of Excel Benefits, Michael Bigley. Companies with less than 50 employees do not necessarily need to offer benefits, but for many this is a great retention and recruiting tool. Even if they seem "expensive", many companies find that the right package is worth the investment. About Michael Bigley Michael Bigley has lived in San Antonio, Texas most of his life, except when he attended Texas State University, where he graduated in 1979 with a B.A. in Business. In 1984, he entered the Life Insurance Business with Mass Mutual.  In 1998, he earned the prestigious Certified Life Underwriter (CLU) designation from the American College,  a non-profit, industry accredited, degree-granting institution.  Only 5% of professionals in his field has obtained this title.    Mike founded Excel Benefits Inc. in 1991, with the goal of assisting businesses of all sizes navigate the ever-changing costs and processes of benefits implementation and offer a fully educated staff for benefits advisory and servicing. Mike is truly a seasoned veteran and one of the most knowledgeable employee benefits consultants in the industry today.   In 2016, Mitchell, Mike’s oldest son joined the company as the Operations Manager after obtaining his Biology degree from UTSA. Then, in 2019, Mike’s middle son, Drake joined the Company as Benefits Advisor and was promoted to Sales Manager in 2022, rounding out a successful family business to serve businesses for another generation. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Oct 20, 2022
Disrupting The Game with Reggie Fils-Aime

Former Nintendo of America President and COO Reggie Fils-Aime joins the conversation on “Making Waves at C-Level”. Award-winning innovator and disrupter, Reggie Fils-Aimé has been revered by business leaders and gaming fans alike for helping to bring some of Nintendo’s greatest successes– the Nintendo DS, the Wii, the Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, and the Nintendo Switch – to the global marketplace.  In his bestselling book, DISRUPTING THE GAME: From the Bronx to the Top of Nintendo, Fils-Aimé shares his story of grit and determination for the first time—from his humble beginnings in the Bronx as the son of Haitian immigrants, to the top of Nintendo as one of the most powerful names in the gaming industry—and the first American and African American president and chief operating officer for the company.  Immortalized for opening Nintendo’s 2004 E3 presentation with, “My name is Reggie, I'm about kicking ass. I'm about taking names, and we're about making games,” Fils-Aimé is a veteran at transforming companies, revitalizing brands, and reshaping industries.  Here he outlines the leadership lessons he learned over the course of his career from his time working with iconic brands at P&G, like PepsiCo/Pizza Hut, Guinness Import Company and television entertainment with VH1 to his tenure at Nintendo. He helps readers leverage disruptive thinking to pinpoint the life choices that will make them truly happy, conquer negative perceptions from those who underestimate or outright dismiss them, and master the grit, perseverance, and resilience it takes to dominate in the business world.    ABOUT Reggie Fils-Aime Reggie Fils-Aimé is an award-winning innovator and disrupter who has helped bring the Nintendo DS, the Wii, the Nintendo 3DS, Wii U and the Nintendo Switch to the global marketplace. He joined Nintendo of America Inc. in December 2003 as Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing. In May 2006, he was promoted to President and Chief Operating Officer. He was inducted into the International Videogame Hall of Fame in October 2019 and received the annual Legend Award from the New York Videogame Critics Circle in January 2020.  Prior to joining Nintendo, Fils-Aimé was Senior Vice President of Marketing at VH1. During his tenure at VH1, he engineered the channel’s redirection to young viewers that resulted in an overall 30 percent ratings growth, and he created and executed the marketing plans for The Concert for New York City, which raised more than $35 million for disaster relief in the wake of the Sept 11, 2001 attacks.  Fils-Aimé graduated with distinction from Cornell’s Dyson Undergraduate Business School in 1983 which launched a 35+ year career as an operating executive spanning the consumer-packaged goods, restaurant, beverage, and media/entertainment industries. Since retiring, he has focused his energy on developing the next generation of business leaders. In August 2019, he was named the inaugural Cornell University’s Dyson Leader in Residence for the 2019-2020 academic year. He also founded Brentwood Growth Partners to help emerging companies scale and enable leaders to create world-class cultures. HTTPS://  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Oct 13, 2022
Workforce Development for Tech with Michael Ward Jr.

This episode is co-produced with the Austin Technology Council. ATC is a 30 year old association focused on promoting and facilitating growth of technology companies in Central Texas. Over the past three decades the business ecosystem in Austin has changed, and ATC is actively changing, too. Learn more at Michael Ward Jr from the Austin Urban Technology Movement joins the conversation on the "Making Waves at C-Level" podcast to take about how to train new employees with internships and apprenticeships. Tech companies need great employees, and many skip training and growing talent and just poach from their neighbors. But this episode will dive deep into other ways to build your community of engaged employees. About Michael Ward Jr. Michael Ward Jr. is a social entrepreneur who focuses on STEAM, workforce development, and economic empowerment. Originally from Miami, FL, Michael began his career at Oracle in enterprise sales, focusing on cloud and on-premise technology. During this time, Michael also led Oracle’s Black employee resource group to increase the recruitment, engagement, and upward mobility of Oracle’s Black employees. After Oracle, Michael spent some time at ADP and Primal7 where he gained a better understanding of human capital management and Austin’s startup ecosystem. Currently, Michael leads Austin Urban Technology Movement (AUTMHQ) as President and CEO. He is also the Co-Founder of TwoWards Solutions, Co-Hosts Culture Crawl ATX, and sits on the following boards throughout Central Texas: Greater Austin STEM Ecosystem, the University of Texas at Austin Cockrell School of Engineering, and the Texas Science and Engineering Fair. Michael is also a community partner of the IT Caucus of the Texas House. Before starting his tech career and entrepreneurship journey, Michael earned a degree in International Relations at Miami Dade College and two degrees in Political Science and Global Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Michael is also a father, husband, Miami Heat fan, Tar Heel alum, and enjoys good food made with love! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Oct 06, 2022
Changing the game in Behavioral Health with Televero Health

This episode is co-produced with the Austin Technology Council. ATC is a 30 year old association focused on promoting and facilitating growth of technology companies in Central Texas. Over the past three decades the business ecosystem in Austin has changed, and ATC is actively changing, too. Learn more at Today we chat about Behavioral Health with Ray Wolf and Brain Tucker from Televero Health. They are rewriting the way people get access to behavioral health by providing better access to the care people need. About Televero Health Televero Health provides Virtual Behavioral Health services across Texas, including psychiatry, therapy, and counseling for moderate and acute patients. Our mission is to improve the lives of individuals needing care and our community’s safety. Televero breaks through the behavioral health access paradigm by offering access to licensed clinicians within seven days of the referral and accepting insurance. We operate an evidence-based integrated care model, partnering with Primary Care Physicians to deliver "whole patient" care to improve outcomes. Televero has a goal of screening 10 Million Texans for suicide and violence by 2025.   About Ray Wolf As the Chief Information Officer, Ray leads the development and execution of the growth and operational strategies for Televero Health, from human capital to financial.   Ray brings three decades of global business experience across various industries and growth stages—from start-up to established enterprise – through inverting the healthcare inflation curve, designing patentable Mach 2+ jet engines, and developing space defense systems.   Ray's healthcare experience ranges from reducing Kaiser Permanente's operating cost by 20%, receiving the Apple Healthcare award for creating the first HIPAA-compliant mobile communication for physicians, transforming Essence Health into a cloud-based enterprise, and increasing clinical technology adoption from 15% to more than 85%, and inverting the healthcare inflation curve through an innovative gain sharing managed care model at Redirect Health, reducing the cost of self-funded company healthcare costs by 25%.     About Brian Tucker As Chief Digital Officer, Brian Tucker is the "transformer in chief," charged with leveraging technology to create unmatched, easy, frictionless client, patient, and provider experiences. Brian brings over two decades of strategic cross-business transformation, process innovation, and delivering profitable business and customer outcomes through technology solutions. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Sep 29, 2022
PR and Understanding Your Messaging with Kathleen Lucente

This episode is co-produced with the Austin Technology Council. ATC is a 30 year old association focused on promoting and facilitating growth of technology companies in Central Texas. Over the past three decades the business ecosystem in Austin has changed, and ATC is actively changing, too. Learn more at Connecting with your constituents (internally and externally) and understanding your message is important for companies of all sizes. Technology companies need to pay attention to their messaging, think about communication with employees (do not let them learn about your company events in the media), and to position their brands for long term success.   This episode is an important conversation with Kathleen Lucente from Red Fan Communications. She is a C-Suite Whisperer to high tech B to B companies, and has a team of experts that kicks butt in assisting clients with their internal and external messaging, investor relations, and crisis communications.   She also shares what makes Austin, Texas a vibrant place for tech companies and how her firms helps local organizations.   About Kathleen Lucente Kathleen Lucente moved to Austin just as the city began its meteoric rise as a hotbed for tech startups and investment. Before she adopted the lone star state as home, she built an award-winning career working domestically and internationally for IBM, JPMorgan, Ketchum Worldwide, and other global brands and agencies. With solid experience in the evolution of communications within the tech industry, first as a journalist, then as a PR professional, Kathleen realized she was ready to build her own team to deliver superior integrated marketing and communications services to B2B tech companies. Since the start of Red Fan Communications almost 15 years ago, she has helped countless companies of all stages clarify their purpose, tell their unique stories, differentiate from their competitors and establish lasting relationships with clients and customers. The Red Fan team is built of experts with the same tenacity in which Kathleen approaches her work and weaves it into everything she does.  Kathleen serves on several boards—including Austin Gives, PelotonU and the ABC Kite Fest—and donates much of her and her staff’s time to local nonprofits that have a tangible impact throughout the community, including the Corporate Engagement Council for the Austin mayor’s office and the Mike & Sherry Project, an Austin-based organization providing mental health support to local bar and restaurant workers. You can also catch Kathleen as a regulator contributor to the Forbes Agency Council, covering critical communications topics like crisis management, brand positioning, thought leadership, corporate communications and the fundamentals of great brand storytelling. In addition, she’s been a guest speaker on influential podcasts, at accelerators, and communications and business schools, including the Wharton School, the University of Texas at Austin, the Confident Communications podcast, and the MassChallenge startup accelerator, where she serves as a mentor. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Sep 22, 2022
Bounce Back Leadership with Brian Wagner

In this episode we go deep on how to you bounce back. Brain Wagner helps people see things they have never seen before. He went blind 12 years ago and now sees more than he ever has before. Brian is a speaker and works with the Ohio State School for the Blind.  He believes all of us can do more than we ever thought we could, and this episode will make you think deeper about how to bounce back when you face something difficult.  About Brian Wagner Embrace your own personal blindness to drive better performance. That's what Brian Wagner has done through BounceBack Leadership. He is the founder and CEO of "A Radical Vision." His mission is to help people embrace their own personal blindness to achieve a greater focus and drive better performance. Brian has worked with boards and organizations to clear the path for growth.  On March 4 of 2011 he woke up on the couch and wasn't able to see. For the next six months, he was blind. Only brain surgery and multiple eye surgeries have allowed a portion of his vision to return. Since then, Brian Wagner has become an author of the semi-autobiography book "Sometimes It DOES Take a Brain Surgeon".  Brian is a Past-President for the National Speakers’ Association, Ohio Chapter. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Sep 15, 2022
Don't Be Afraid of Change with Becky Taylor

This episode is co-produced with the Austin Technology Council. ATC is a 30 year old association focused on promoting and facilitating growth of technology companies in Central Texas. Over the past three decades the business ecosystem in Austin has changed, and ATC is actively changing, too.  Learn more at This episode is a great conversation about change, the rate of change, and the power of Community. Rebecca (Becky) Taylor has been an active software engineer, entrepreneur, community activist, and advisor for over three decades in the Austin community and beyond. She was an early member of the Austin Technology Council (originally called the Austin Software Council) and remains active working with the Austin Technology Incubator - the oldest continuous tech incubator in the United States.   Check out this episode and be inspired.  About Becky Taylor Rebecca (Becky) Taylor is Executive-In-Residence at the Austin Technology Incubator, and Industry Fellow at UT-Austin’s Ethics Project. Ms. Taylor is a senior level executive with 35 years’ experience inventing new technologies, forming startups, building committed teams and raising funds. She has led advanced development and strategy efforts at organizations from very small start-up companies to large multinationals including the launch team at Shell Technology Ventures, and senior advisory roles at the U.S. Department of State. She has executed and advised on monetization involving licensing, venture capital investing, sales negotiations, expanded market opportuni5es. An inventor and multiple patent holder, she created technology that among other things, makes your phone smarter. She served as an Entrepreneur-In-Residence at the University of Texas at Austin in 2009, advising the University on commercialization alternatives for promising research. Ms Taylor has advised dozens of startups in the course of her professional career, helping them with funding strategies, technology planning, and negotiations. She is a mentor and very much enjoys presenting to diverse audiences, large and small. She has had a lifelong commitment of raising money and awareness for important community needs. Becky Taylor is a Senior Member of the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and serves Vice Chair of the IEEE-USA Government Relations Committee. She holds a BS in Computer Science from Iowa State University and a Master of Public Affairs from the University of Texas’ LBJ School of Public Policy. She is certified as a Winemaker by the University of California – Davis. She holds a Series 79 FINRA designation and is affiliated with a NYC-area boutique early stage investment bank. Her board service has included board and advisory roles with multiple startups, election as a director of TruWest Credit Union ($750 MM assets), service on Austin Community College’s Foundation Board and service for other non-profit organizations in the Austin area. A resident of Austin for 40 years, she has fun with family – her son, lovely daughter-in-law, adorable granddaughter, happy dogs, and is traveling as often as possible. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Sep 06, 2022
Tso Chinese Delivery: Great Food and a High Tech Pioneer (with Min Choe and Angell Tsang)

This episode is co-produced with the Austin Technology Council. ATC is a 30 year old association focused on promoting and facilitating growth of technology companies in Central Texas. Over the past three decades the business ecosystem in Austin has changed, and ATC is actively changing, too.  Learn more at Min Choe and Angell Tsang sit down to talk about their unique company, Tso Chinese Delivery. Many would not expect a delivery and carry-out quick service restaurant to also be a leading technology company. But in Austin, Texas you find unique tech pioneer in many forms. This interview is both inspiring and informative.  If you have never heard of Tso Chinese Delivery, you will. They are on their way to being the leading provider of great food to your door anywhere in the world....and they do it with proprietary technology.  About Tso Chinese Delivery Tso Chinese Delivery is a delivery and carryout-only, quick service restaurant concept in Austin, TX. Offering free delivery and a no tipping policy, Tso offers one of the best, value-driven delivery services of fresh Chinese food, anywhere. Tso offers its transparent pricing model by offering free delivery and a strict no-tipping policy. Tso is able to execute this service by utilizing a virtual kitchen platform which focuses on online ordering -- no app necessary -- with the ability to track order progress on one’s computer or mobile phone. Since launching in Central Austin in 2017, they have since opened a second location in Fall 2019 in North Austin and followed up with a third location in South Austin in November 2021, with a Round Rock location in the pipeline for late 2022. Tso proudly serves high-quality, affordable Chinese-American food. Culinary direction comes from Jenna Choe, Chief Culinary Officer, who has created a menu of classic Chinese-American dishes made with the freshest ingredients possible. Everything is made to order in Tso’s kitchen and vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options are readily available. Tso offers appetizers like real crab rangoons, potstickers, vegetarian spring rolls, and Szechuan dry green beans as well as a selection of soups like hot & sour soup and egg drop soup. About Min Choe Min Choe is the Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board, and Co-Founder at Tso Chinese Delivery, a delivery and carryout only restaurant concept in Austin, TX. Tso offers free delivery and has a no tipping policy for fresh, high-quality yet affordable, Chinese-American food. After the success of the first Tso location in Central Austin, the second Tso opened in fall of 2019 in North Austin. Min’s primary role at Tso is to provide vision and direction for Tso to one day become America’s #1 choice for Chinese food delivery. He leads the team by establishing core values that are centered on providing a benefit to the communities and employees they serve, while also building a company focused on growth and profitability. About Angell Tsang Angell Tsang is the Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder at Tso Chinese Delivery, a delivery and carryout only restaurant concept in Austin, TX. Tso offers free delivery and a no tipping policy for fresh, high-quality yet affordable, Chinese-American food. After the huge success of the first Tso location, the second Tso opened in fall of 2019 in North Austin. Angell helped develop the cloud based kitchen platform on which Tso functions. Https:// Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Sep 01, 2022
The Courage To Show Up with Sarah Jones Simmer

This episode is co-produced with the Austin Technology Council. ATC is a 30 year old association focused on promoting and facilitating growth of technology companies in Central Texas. Over the past three decades the business ecosystem in Austin has changed, and ATC is actively changing, too.  Learn more at This is a great conversation with Sarah Jones Simmer about resilience and the courage to show up. Sarah has a wonderful story that lead her from majoring in music to the CEO of a leading digital health company innovating in the weight space. You must hear this interview!   Sarah Jones Simmer will be the featured Keynote Speaker at the Austin Technology Council's CEO Summit on October 17, 2022. If you are a C-Suite executive, you will want to be sure to be present for this event in Austin, Texas.  About Sarah Jones Simmer Sarah Jones Simmer is an executive, investor, board member and C-level operator. In September 2021, she joined Found as CEO, with a mission to make evidence-based, sustainable weight care accessible for all. Found is quickly emerging as a leader with its innovative approach to weight loss by leveraging the best of modern medicine with personalized support. Prior to Found, Sarah was an executive at Bumble, the women-first social networking app for four years. From 2017-2020, she was the Chief Operating Officer of the Bumble app, where she was responsible for core strategy, international growth, marketing initiatives, and business operations, as well as the expansion of Bumble’s rapidly growing team. Sarah also led the investment strategy for the Bumble Fund, Bumble's early-stage investing vehicle launched in 2018, focused on the next generation of women-led businesses. Sarah has spoken at Dreamforce, SXSW, Techcrunch Disrupt, Traction, the Global Partnership for Education, and UN special sessions on topics ranging from venture investing to girls’ and women’s rights to the future of ethical business, and the challenges and opportunities of scaling rapid growth businesses. She has a Masters’ in Public Policy from Northwestern University. She used to run marathons and has completed an Ironman, but now spends her time outside of work raising two young daughters. About Found:  Found is an evidence-based weight care solution that combines the best of modern medicine with personalized coaching and community. Centered around clinical care and lasting behavior change, Found provides its members with a comprehensive weight loss program that delivers long term, sustainable results. Found designs personalized treatments around every factor that makes people unique — from biology, medical history, mental health, existent lifestyle, goals, and more. Found’s members are supported by the best of consumer technology, and a team that includes doctors to prescribe safe medication, and coaches to guide them on nutrition, movement, sleep, and emotional health. For more information, visit Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Aug 18, 2022
AI and RPA with Carlos Martin from

In this episode Thom Singer talks to Carlos Martin from They talk about the future of AI and RPA as well as why Austin, Texas is a great place for business.  This episode is co-produced with the Austin Technology Council. ATC is a 30 year old association focused on promoting and facilitating growth of technology companies in Central Texas. Over the past three decades the business ecosystem in Austin has changed, and ATC is actively changing, too.  Learn more at https://AustinTechnology About Carlos Martin: Carlos Martin is the CEO of, a company focused in bringing efficiency to the enterprise by leveraging Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI. Formerly Director of Strategic Alliances for Brazil for the company Blue Prism, which pioneered the RPA market, and where he worked for 5+ years. Carlos has a degree in Computer Science and a Master’s in Technology Commercialization from UT Austin. He has more than 20 years in IT with a solid experience in technology, systems, problem solving, research and business strategy.   Carlos is the author of the upcoming book “The Efficient Enterprise”, which will discuss topics on how to leverage these technologies for bring exponential benefits to business. About is an AI consultancy headquartered in Cedar Park, Texas that demystifies the use of artificial intelligence and robotic process automation to make businesses more efficient and allow them to scale effectively. The founders have trained and mentored the top consulting firms on best case use of AI and practices of automation. analyzes companies’ financials and the cost of business processes with a top down approach to recommend and execute simple financial and software methodologies that incorporate AI and RPA technology. The company will also be providing free trainings online and within local communities on spotting financial scams. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Aug 11, 2022
Working With Your Significant Other - with Gina Carr and Terry Brock

In this episode of the "Making Waves at C-Level" podcast, we discuss working with your spouse or significant other. In this entrepreneur focused world, many people start businesses with people together. But what happens when that person is the love of your life? Terry Brock and Gina Carr sit down with Thom Singer to talk about how they manage business and life. About Gina Carr Gina Carr works with business leaders to leverage Web3 technologies for more impact, influence, and income. Web3 tech includes blockchains, the Metaverse (virtual reality), cryptocurrencies, NFTs, artificial intelligence, and other powerful tools.  Gina is on a mission to help business leaders use these tools to grow their businesses in a way that significantly benefits all stakeholders. Known as “The Tribe Builder,” Gina helps passionate people build powerful tribes of raving fans. A serial entrepreneur, Gina has created several businesses including Video Rock Starz, an award-winning real estate company, and a chain of community magazines. Gina is an MBA graduate of the Harvard Business School and an industrial and systems engineering graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology. Gina was the CEO of TEDxDupreePark.  A native Atlantan, she now lives in Orlando with her fiance, Terry Brock. Gina is a passionate advocate for animals, freedom, and plant-based living! About Terry Brock Today, more than ever, you need to know about what is happening with technology and business and how to benefit from the changes. Terry Brock is ideally suited to help you understand what is happening and how to take advantage of the opportunities. He is a professional speaker who works with clients showing them how to use tech to get the results they want. He’s a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame, has earned the Certified Speaking Professional designation, and has received the highest award available from the National Speakers Association, the Cavett. He recently was asked by Ace Hardware to be their Chief Retail Advisor training their retailers around the world in video. His clients include sole proprietors to Fortune 10 companies. Most recently he is regularly asked to speak about Bitcoin, Web3, and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Aug 09, 2022
Building Resilience with Carolyn Trevino Jenkins

This episode was produced in partnership with the Austin Technology Council. ATC is a 30 year old association focused on promoting and facilitating growth of technology companies in Central Texas. Over the past three decades the business ecosystem in Austin has changed, and ATC is actively changing, too. Learn more at https://AustinTechnology Today's guest is Carolyn Jenkins, the co-founder and CEO of We Are Here. In this interview she shares her ideas around resilience and how individuals and bosses can better understand the need for resilience in the workplace (and life). She has a long history working in tech companies, and has held many roles from HR, COO, Chief Product Officer, and CEO.   Carolyn also shares her points of view on the city of Austin: past, present, and future....and why the city continues to grow and thrive.   About Carolyn Trevino Jenkins Carolyn Jenkins is an award-winning technology executive and entrepreneur who has an extensive and diverse background. Teams she’s led have won international recognition for outstanding customer success and national awards for cutting edge work in HR. Several of her companies have won growth awards. Ms. Jenkins believes a culture of strategy, execution, and accountability can be achieved with servant and compassionate leadership. While CEO of Khorus software, Carolyn was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has first-hand experience in how challenging it is to balance a cancer journey with the demands of family and work. She began advocating for early detection and helping those with fewer resources while on that journey. Here is a mission driven endeavor for Carolyn. In her spare time, she mentors emerging leaders, advises startups, and volunteers with several local non-profits. Https:// Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Aug 05, 2022
Black Inventors Got Game with James Howard

In this episode of "Making Waves at C-Level", Thom talks to James Howard, the founder of the Black Inventors Hall of Fame. They talk about his new documentary, "Black Inventors Got Game", race, and success.   About James Howard James Howard is a, lecturer, design historian, industrial designer/inventor of some 300 products with 18 patents. He is currently the owner/operator of Entrepreneurial U, a specialty private career school of Design Thinking. One of his courses, “Bridge” Exploring New Career Pathways, takes students through the problem solving processes: problem/necessity, solution, and execution and leads them to new career pathways and job opportunities. While teaching for more twenty years at The County College of Morris in New Jersey, Professor Howard was an owner/operator of the award-winning firm Howard Design., an industrial design practices whose clients included Coca-Cola, Colgate Palmolive, Johnson & Johnson, Nabisco, Pfizer and the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). The New Jersey based company was one of the longest running and most profitable minority owned design firms in the country James Howard serves as Executive Director of THE BLACK INVENTORS HALL OF FAME, ( a virtual museum), devoted to immortalizing African Americans whose noteworthy inventions have improved lives yet gone unnoticed. James also serves on the Board of Directors for the Unites States Intellectual Property Alliance, and he is presently assisting the National Inventors Hall of Fame curate their very first Black Inventors exhibit, to be open to the public in the fall of 2021. For four years James has served as a Subject matter expert on Design thinking for the Keller Innovation Center at Princeton University. He is also a visiting lecturer for the University of Texas Center for Integrated Design, James earned a Master and Bachelor of Fine Arts -Industrial Design at University of Illinois, Urbana, IL. James was recently awarded Honorary member of the National Academy Of Inventors. Contact James at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jul 26, 2022
Talent In Today's Workplace with Kurt Wilkin

This episode is co-produced with the Austin Technology Council. ATC is a 30 year old association focused on promoting and facilitating growth of technology companies in Central Texas. Over the past three decades the business ecosystem in Austin has changed, and ATC is actively changing, too.  Learn more at https://AustinTechnology About Kurt Wilkin Kurt Wilkin is a trusted advisor for high-growth, middle-market companies as founder and managing partner of Bee Cave Capital and Co-Founder of HireBetter. With a passion for growth and a hard-earned, proven set of tools in his toolbox, Wilkin works with other entrepreneurs and CEOs to help them escape the start-up mindset and achieve next-level success.   His debut book, Who’s Your Mike?, reveals how entrepreneurs can transform their companies by minimizing hiring mistakes, investing in high potentials and making the difficult decisions to drop dead weight from their team. Wilkin draws on his extensive experience launching and growing businesses to help leaders navigate people challenges and tap into the power of making better hires. By putting the right talent in the right places—and pinpointing who is holding the company back—entrepreneurs can unlock meaningful change that will enable their organization to grow, scale and thrive.   Over more than 20 years, Wilkin has built long-lasting partnerships and helped hundreds of business leaders achieve their goals. He began his career in accounting, serving at Ernst & Young before joining an online retailer and discovering his aptitude for entrepreneurship. Wilkin founded The Controller Group (TCG) in 2001 and successfully sold it to Tatum in 2006. During those five years he rapidly grew the firm’s revenue, growing it into a $20 million company with more than 100 employees. During his time at TCG, he also co-founded Bee Cave Capital, a Texas-based early-stage venture group where he serves as managing partner.   Wilkin is an alumnus of the University of Arkansas, a graduate of Stagen Leadership Academy, a certified public accountant and an officer of Young Presidents’ Organization. Passionate about entrepreneurship, he is an active angel investor and serves on the boards of more organizations than he’d care to count. He lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife and three sons. Visit for more information. About "Who's Your Mike?" Book In Who’s Your Mike?, Wilkin aims to help readers put into practice techniques he’s spent decades fine-tuning. His no-BS guide isn’t the traditional business book: every chapter guides the reader through a different people challenge, so readers can quickly identify how to solve troubling scenarios. In fact, he encourages readers not to read the whole thing. It’s written a la “choose your own adventure,” so entrepreneurs can pick and choose the sections that will be most helpful to them. Who’s Your Mike? tells the stories of both Wilkin’s own experience building a community of growth-minded leaders and people pitfalls he’s witnessed first-hand from other business leaders. In Who’s Your Mike?, readers will learn: ● That there’s no secret formula to hiring smart – we all make hiring mistakes ● If they’ve outgrown their current team, and what to do next ● How to handle the people they’re sure to meet on their entrepreneurial journey Kurt has called Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas home his entire life and proudly claims to have “Redneck, Cajun, and Hillbilly rolled into one beautiful package.” That might explain his natural BS detector. He is the father of three active boys who don’t let him take life too seriously, and he resides in Austin with his wife, Carrie, who didn’t think he could focus long enough to get the grocery list right, much less write an entire book! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jul 21, 2022
Technology Matters When Selling Your Company - with Brian Beck

This episode was produced in partnership with the Austin Technology Council. ATC is a 30 year old association focused on promoting and facilitating growth of technology companies in Central Texas. Over the past three decades the business ecosystem in Austin has changed, and ATC is actively changing, too.  Learn more at https://AustinTechnology Today's guest is Brain Beck, the co-founder and managing partner at Sabio Tech Partners. In this interview he shares his experience from the past five years in working with private equity firms, and companies, in reviewing and improving their tech to ensure better growth and valuations. About Brian Beck Brian Beck is the Managing Partner and co-founder of Sabio Tech Partners, an Austin-based technology advisory firm focused on helping middle market private equity firms achieve greater investment valuation with reduced risk. In today’s world, every company uses technology to both run the business and to produce its products and services. Brian’s core belief is that all firms considering significant investments must factor technology into their diligence process, because “what you don’t know will hurt you.” Leveraging the expertise and knowledge gained over a long career in the technology and financial services industries, Sabio has developed an innovative approach and toolset, called “Quality of Technology” (Q·of·T), specifically designed to enable private equity firms to conduct robust and rapid technology diligence of their potential acquisitions. Though Brian has worked and traveled extensively in Canada, Europe, India and Asia Pacific, he has called Austin home for the past 20 years and is passionate about the Austin food scene, its new professional soccer club (Austin FC), and grilling on his back porch.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jul 12, 2022