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Altovise is an introverted entrepreneur residing in the DMV that launched, stumbled, and learned how to manage entrepreneurship, motivational speaking, and being a single mom. Her failure led her to start conversations with CEOs and entrepreneurs about the good, the bad, and the ugly when you first start a business. (Or, when you first try to start a business) She has written and co-authored multiple best-selling books including her first book, "It's Okay to Cry" - and now, in this podcast, Altovise brings you the conversations that can help female Entrepreneurs in the DMV to launch, stumble less and learn. Can you become a successful entrepreneur? New episodes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

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Failing Greatly with S.D. Howard

Failing Greatly with S.D. Howard Speak Easy Podcast listeners, I don’t know if you know this, but I like y’all a lot. And so, I bring some awesome guests that can come in, like break things down to the least common denominator for all of you that had problems with this. When we have this discussion, and it’s all about, you know, us telling our story for many of you. You know, some of the things that I’ve been through homelessness, abuse, all of those things, and learning not to be someone who is trauma dumping, especially as a speaker and an Author and an Entrepreneur, I want to make sure that I am doing what’s best for the listeners. S.D HAWARD 00:56 My name is SD or Steven. And I am a Christian fiction Author, and Editor, Author coach, doing all the things trying to adult and failing horribly at it on a daily basis. So, but you know, what, I do the best that I can, and, you know, been through a lot of things. And it’s been a tremendous amount of healing in the last, oh, gosh, five, six years or so, and just really honored to be able to have the opportunity to come on and share this with you guys. "It was still ugly, but at least it was honest, and it was able to help people." S.D. Howard What you will learn in this episode: 02:27 How trauma affects communication 05:32 The process of heling to help 11:09 Have people started glorifying sexual abuse? 14:18 How Christian Fiction tackles the deep dark topics Relevant Links:

Apr 29, 2022
The family that was meant to be with Mikki MA Shepard

The Family That Was Meant to Be with Mikki Have you ever thought of adoption as a way to grow your family? Family shouldn’t be defined by blood, and your decision to adopt might change your life and that of the other person forever. In this episode of the #SpeakEasy Podcast, Altovise speaks with Mikki Shepard, a realtor, and the author of In a Heartbeat book. Mikki’s family for generations has redefined the meaning of family, and she was more than happy to continue when she had her son. Listen in to learn why you should pay attention to other people who are being placed in your life. What you will learn in this episode: •[1:20] Get to know Mikki and how her concept of family was formed. •[4:42] She explains the miraculous way her son came into her life. •[8:06] The legal battle she fought adopting her son in a state with the worst adoption laws. •[21:01] Learn to pay attention to people who show up in your life. Relevant Links: •Website:

Apr 21, 2022
Your Sales Doctor Appointment with Rob Cornilles

Your Sales Doctor’s Appointment with Rob How good of a salesperson are you? To be a good salesperson, you need to be more of a listener and someone keen on offering value to prospective clients. In this episode of the SpeakEasy Podcast, Altovise speaks with Rob Cornilles, the international best-selling author of The Sales Gamechanger, and the founder& CEO of Game Face, Inc. He trains individuals and organizations globally how to love sales and become excellent salespeople in their respective fields. Listen in to learn about the four components of sales; needs, preferences, time frame, and budget to help you offer great customer service. “If you want to be a legitimate salesperson, introverts have an advantage because their inclination is more in talking and learning about the other person than putting the spotlight on themselves.”- Rob [4:44] What you will learn in this episode: •[1:38] Rob on his experience in sales training and how he helps people love sales. •[4:14] He explains why introverts are more inclined to succeed as salespeople than extroverts. •[6:30] How to focus on the result your product brings people rather than the product itself. •[8:43] The four components of sales you must learn to have good customer service. •[11:37] Why NO isn’t forever and how you can change it by strategically following up. •[15:37] Rob on one sales moment that he believes he would’ve handled much better. Relevant Links: •Website: •LinkedIn:

Apr 19, 2022
Becoming memorable with Crissy Conner

Becoming Memorable Online with Crissy Conner Is your business/brand really visible online? Does your audience really remember you when they need to solve their problem? Becoming visible allows you to build influence, impact, stronger and deeper relationships, growth, and be memorable. In this episode of the SpeakEasy Podcast, Altovise speaks with Crissy the Visibility Queen, a visibility expert. She helps brands and businesses really get more visible online and increase their impact. Listen in to learn the importance of video as a social media marketing tool and being consistent to see results. “There is nothing that connects more as humans as seeing yourself in somebody else.”- Crissy [11:38] “You need to be on more than Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram.”- Crissy [13:31] What you will learn in this episode: •[1:19] Crissy explains how she teaches businesses/brands to become unforgettable. •[3:51] The power of getting on video and showing up consistently to help you become unforgettable. •[8:09] Why you don’t have to be perfect to be consistent. •[10:53] The power of video in connecting people compared to other forms of promoting your business. •[12:53] Diversify your marketing on different platforms and keep showing up and delivering value. •[15:04] The importance of engaging with your posts and editing before posting. •[16:42] Start with getting consistent and comfortable with one platform to see results before moving to other platforms. •[18:18] Why the change in platform algorithms isn’t necessarily a bad thing for your marketing. Relevant Links: •Website:

Apr 12, 2022
Sell Like Jesus wit Deb Brown Maher

How To Sell Like Jesus with Deb Brown Maher Are you ready to create a collaboration with your customers and change the whole selling concept? Connecting with your customer the right way and developing a relationship is important for you to sell and provide value. In this episode of the SpeakEasy Podcast, Altovise speaks with Deb Brown Maher, the author of the book Sell Like Jesus. She explains her selling experience and why the Sell Like Jesus concept works in driving results. Business owners and solo entrepreneurs can sell from a position of integrity and be successful. Listen in to learn the importance of building beneficial relationships with your customers before pitching to them. “Good salespeople continue to learn, sharpen, and hone their skills.”-Deb [14:36] What you will learn in this episode: •[0:43] Get to know Deb and her lifelong experience as a salesperson. •[1:52] The importance of connecting with people as it relates to our products and services to create a collaboration. •[4:08] How to focus on the benefit of your potential customer rather than making the sale. •[6:59] She explains why she titled her book Sell Like Jesus and the concept behind it. Relevant Links: Website: Signed books: Book also available on most major retailers. LinkedIn: Facebook:

Apr 08, 2022
Living Sustainably Through Homegrown Foods with Marjory Wildcraft

Living Sustainably Through Homegrown Foods Are you ready to take on the opportunity to create a healthy atmosphere for you and your community? Growing your own food in your backyard is one of the best ways to eat healthily and live a healthy lifestyle. In this episode of the SpeakEasy Podcast, Altovise speaks with Marjory Wildcraft, an expert on sustainable living and the founder and CEO of The Grow Network, a movement of people who are stopping the destruction of the Earth via homegrown food. She admits that teaching people how to grow food isn’t the easiest business to build, but it is a needed venture. Listen in to learn about the many opportunities opening up for small businesses in holistic medicine and local food distribution and how you can benefit from it. What you will learn in this episode: •[1:11] Marjory on how she and her community teach people to grow healthy food in their backyards. •[2:53] Get to know Marjory’s career background and the events that led her to start growing food sustainably. •[10:12] The physical, financial, emotional, and spiritual benefits that you will experience by growing your own food. •[16:38] Understanding that you’re what you eat and why growing your own food is doable. Relevant Links: •Website:

Mar 29, 2022
Taking a Hit

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth!” ~ Mike Tyson This famous quote was s en in HD this weekend at the Oscars as Will Smith slapped Chris Rock for an inappropriate joke about Jada. Chris took it like a champ, so to speak, but trust that the internet took this moment and ran with it. From Memes to reinacted clips, no stone was left unturned. There were even songs made within 24 hours. Ah...but there were some great business lessons in all this too. Now while we can’t plan for everything, we can plan on how to recover from a hit. A hit in business can be clients leaving, clients not making payments, or even your business not getting enough clients. This is not the part of business that most people want to plan for...but should plan for. Think about the three things I just shared and how they could have prepared businesses for the shift that happened during Covid. In this episode I share not so much about to the Oscars slap of 2022 but more about how you can prepare for a hit you don’t see coming. It’s easy to get comfortable as an’s also dangerous at times. Have you ever had an unexpected hit in your business? Talk about, think about but most importantly you should learn from it. Let’s connect:

Mar 29, 2022
How to Transform Your Gift into a Thriving Business with Dave Combs

How to Transform Your Gift into a Thriving Business Are you persistent and strategic about finding customers as an entrepreneur? Whatever talent or gift you possess, it is important that you identify a strategy that will take from just a gift to a thriving business. In this episode of the SpeakEasy Podcast, Altovise speaks with Dave Combs, a musician with over 40 years of experience in the industry and author. He explains how he transformed his music gift into a thriving business through strategic marketing in an era when social media didn’t exist. Listen in to learn a targeted marketing technique to use as an entrepreneur so you don’t waste your time in your marketing efforts. “You have to get into a consistent habit of seeing yourself as an entrepreneur no matter what your hands may do.” [17:05] What you will learn in this episode: •[1:40] The 40-year incredible music career journey that Dave has walked. •[2:47] How his fans influenced him to keep on innovating and creating evergreen music. •[4:14] How to find success in business by strategically exposing your product/service to the world and marketing it. •[13:47] Find a model that works and make it work for your business. •[15:15] Dave talks about his new book Touched by the Music that explains how he went from 1 song to 15 albums. Relevant Links: •Website:

Mar 22, 2022
How to Be a Smart Investor and Businessowner with Darius Ross

How to Be a Smart Investor and Businessowner Do you first educate yourself to understand a business or investment before rushing into it? If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you must understand your business’s subject matter, people’s motivation, and be disciplined in how you handle your stewardship. In this episode of the SpeakEasy Podcast, Altovise speaks with Darius Ross, a real estate entrepreneur, investor, and broker with 35 years of experience. He explains the myths and rules of real estate that you need to break to be successful in the sector. Listen in to learn the importance of being smart about understanding where you’re investing and treating your investment as a business. “Do not surround yourself with people that you like.”- Darius [13:46] What you will learn in this episode: •[1:06] Get to know Darius and his experience in real estate investing. •[1:54] Breaking the real estate investing myths plus the most important rules of real estate. •[4:54] Things to think about and consider before rushing into land development or agriculture. •[9:43] Why you will have no money, lose money, and then go bankrupt when you invest without understanding the subject matter. •[13:46] Surround yourself with people that will tell you the honest truth so you can protect your legacy. •[16:10] The importance of money education to help you protect the money you already have. •[17:14] Be disciplined enough to understand your stewardship and ensure your team’s discipline as a businessowner. •[23:43] Learn to understand people’s motivation to succeed in business. Relevant Links: •Website:

Mar 16, 2022
Run Kanye, Run!!!!!

Run Kanye, Run!!! Okay...a famous line in Forrest Gump is "Run Forrest, run". I'm not using it in the exact same context but as you listen in to this episode, you'll understand why that line was the perfect way to slide into this conversation. There are many coaches, gurus, and mentors that talk about keeping a steady pace when it comes to achieving your dreams. It sounds good, right? The flip side to that is that people are left to believe that everything is supposed to excel at a slow and steady pace. ...and it doesn't! There will come a time when you have to be the cheetah when it comes to your dreams. In this episode, Altovise shares one of the things that stood out for her after watching the Kanye West docuseries titled "Jeen-Yuhs". Listen in and get ready to run towards your goals for this year. "On the way to the train, I was writing my Grammy speech." ~ Kanye What you will learn in this episode: ~ A time when Altovise found herself running in North Philly ~ What does it mean to run after your goals? ~ The risks that hold people back from running. ~ The mindset you must have to run after your goals. "The risk of potentially not reaching your goal must be less than the risk of you staying where you currently are." ~ Altovise Stay connected: Instagram: Website: Amazon storefront:

Feb 24, 2022
The Ingredients of a Successful Music Career with Glory St. Germain

The Ingredients of a Successful Music Career Are you a music lover or an upcoming musician hoping to break into the industry? If you want to find success in a music career or as a music educator, it is important to educate yourself and shift to fit today’s music industry. In this episode of the SpeakEasy Podcast, Altovise speaks with Glory St. Germain, TEDx speaker, international bestselling author, and the founder of the Ultimate Music Theory. Listen in to learn the importance of focusing on the education side of music just as much as you focus on the passion and the business side. “If you want to be a leader in your industry, proximity is everything.”- [4:40] What you will learn in this episode: •[1:04] Get to know Glory and her work in music education. •[3:05] The shift happening in the music industry plus how branding and proximity can help you become a leader. •[6:19] How to get serious about the education side of music even as you focus on the business side. •[9:56] How the auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning techniques can help you learn quicker and better. •[13:06] The power of getting started and having a why to achieve success in your musical journey. Relevant Links: •Website: •Don't forget Your Gift Here

Feb 15, 2022
The Art of True Servant Leadership with Sean Patton

The Art of True Servant Leadership What does it take to show up as a servant leader? To become a true and great leader, you should first learn how to master leading yourself before you can master leading others. In this episode of the SpeakEasy Podcast, Altovise speaks with Sean Patton, a business, leadership, and mindset coach. He helps entrepreneurs and organizations build more fulfilling and profitable futures through servant leadership. Listen in to learn how to shift from bad leadership mentality to servant leadership mentality and scale your business. What you will learn in this episode: •[1:10] Get to know Sean’s background and his journey to leadership. •[5:02] How to shift from bad leadership mentality to servant leadership mentality and scale your business. •[8:50] Strive to be the leader who touches humanity by giving people purpose. •[12:26] How to master and implement the fundamentals of good leadership. •[15:12] Let go of the scarcity mindset and develop a confident leadership mentality. •[20:12] How to get in touch with Sean plus how he can help you shift your leadership culture. Relevant Links: •Website: •Facebook: •Instagram: •LinkedIn:

Feb 10, 2022
At the bottom looking up!

Interestingly enough, people fear starting over but they also fear failure. You would think that one might take precedence over the other but when you breakdown the action, decisions, thoughts, and words of people at the bottom you’ll find a common thread. Most, while they are already at the bottom, find themselves looking down instead of looking up. That would shift the viewpoint of failure and starting over because you would see the potential! Potential is valuable when it is invested in and executed on. Potential is worthless when it is overlooked and left to waste away. Many have potential! YOU have potential! So as we hit the halfway mark for the first quarter do you find yourself looking down or looking up? This episode serves as a reminder and the spark you need to blaze through the first quarter. Elevate beyond where you aren’t first looking up! Stay connected: Instagram: Website: Amazon storefront:

Feb 09, 2022
Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking and Show Up Confidently with Christie Love

How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking and Show Up Confidently Do you want to overcome your fear of public speaking and start showing up with more confidence as a business owner? If you want to find your voice and be more confident, you have to change the way you think about yourself. In this episode of the SpeakEasy Podcast, Altovise speaks with Christie Love, executive communication coach, keynote speaker, public speaking coach, podcaster, and tv show host. She works with leaders who struggle with building genuine connections to foster stronger relationships. Listen in to learn the importance of being gentle to yourself and continually challenging yourself to overcome your fear of public speaking. “The skills that you gain not only in public speaking but being able to connect with other people it’s what’s going to allow your business/career to really explode.”- Christie [10:08] What you will learn in this episode: •[1:24] How Christie overcame glossophobia and went on to finesse her specialty in communication. •[2:44] Work on your mindset and be gentle to yourself as you overcome your fears. •[7:01] How she continually challenges herself to grow to where she is now. •[9:37] How connecting with other people and having the courage to speak out will aid you in achieving your success. •[11:25] Where to find and connect with Christie. Relevant Links: •Website:

Feb 03, 2022
Tenacity, Transparency, and Staying Focused on Your Goals with Marley Majcher

Tenacity, Transparency, and Staying Focused on Your Goals Are you being transparent as a business owner when going through dark times? It is important to check in with yourself and course correct when you go off course as part of your entrepreneurship journey. In this episode of the SpeakEasy Podcast, Altovise speaks with Marley Majcher, the CEO of the Party Goddess, a nationally acclaimed full-service event planning and catering company. She’s also the author of “But Are You Making Any Money?” a business guide for entrepreneurs. Listen in to learn the value of having tenacity as an entrepreneur but also being careful to avoid losing focus on your goals. What you will learn in this episode: •[1:09] Marley explains the events that led to starting her catering business and writing a business book. •[6:27] Learn to do check-ins with yourself and not be afraid to course correct. •[9:57] How to be honest with the dark side of your entrepreneurship journey. •[11:51] Stop beating yourself up for going through the realities of business. •[14:11] Guard your time and learn to say no the higher up you go in your business. •[16:27] Where to reach Marley plus her free course. Relevant Links: •Website: •Instagram: •Twitter: •Course:

Feb 01, 2022
Owning ME...

There is something to be said about the person that shows up in the room boldly. They catch people’s attention and infiltrate the conversations in the room. They OWN who they are unapologetically! Can I tell you a secret? You have the power to show up like that! On any platform, in any room and at any time YOU can be the one that turns heads. That is done by owning who you are. I mean all of YOU. The good, the bad, and the ugly parts are all what makes you uniquely YOU! That type of confidence takes a few things like consistency and accountability. You’ll have things you must do before you even step foot in the room. That is what this discussion is about. The mindset shift that each person who has been successful has had to endure. The reality checks and balances that often go unseen are important. So, do a check in with yourself after you listen to this episode. What are some areas where you need to own YOU? When you show light up the room! Not the dress or the suit Not the eloquent words Not the bling or hair It’s YOU! Stay connected:

Jan 27, 2022
E79 - The Power of Finding Your Voice

Rest Leads To Revenue Podcast Episode 79: The Power of Finding Your Voice Host: Donata D. Mooring - Certified Sleep Science Coach | Author  Guest: Altovise Pelzer - Founder at World Voice League Produced By: Elite Conversations Podcast Media

Jan 20, 2022
As Fate Would Have It with Art Dinick

As Fate Would Have It with Art Dinick Have you been regretting your past mistakes/choices without any knowledge of how that would have turned out? What if you stopped being insecure about taking chances or allowing other people’s opinions stop you from going after your heart’s desire? In this episode of the SpeakEasy Podcast, Altovise speaks with Art Dinick, the author of the book As Fate Would Have It. Art was involved in a horrific car accident about 30 years ago, and it was at that moment, he relived his entire life experiences only to realize that past mistakes are meant for shaping our lives. Listen in to understand that your choices may have been fate’s way of setting you up for something better. “Don’t dwell on your past mistakes, they’re usually there to set you up for something that’s happened to you right now, or it’s going to happen to you in the future.”- Art [3:17] What you will learn in this episode: •[1:27] The car accident that changed how Art viewed life and learned to value past mistakes. •[5:09] Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do it or allow your fear of failure stop you from going after your dreams. •[17:32] Understand that everything that’s happened to you has happened for a reason, that fate had a hand in it. •[19:40] Go after your dreams regardless of what people say or if your insecurities try to stop you. •[27:17] Why you should read Art’s book As Fate Would Have It and where to find it. Book: As Fate Would Have It

Jan 18, 2022
Down the Rabbit Hole with Sandra Horley

Down The Rabbit Hole with Sandra Horley Did you know that having a positive mindset and believing in what’s good gives you the motivation to move forward when you’re struggling? You can shift your interpretation of your environment from negative to positive, so it doesn’t stop your growth as an entrepreneur. In this episode of the SpeakEasy Podcast, Altovise speaks with Sandra Horley, a former educator, and current psychotherapy. She helps people with issues around their mental wellness and has bettered lives through her past and present work. Listen in to learn why you should embrace fear/anxiety and not allow it to stop you from growing yourself or your business. “We’ve always got something that we can be happy about even if we don’t think we have; if we think hard enough, we will find something.”- Sandra [11:12] What you will learn in this episode: •[1:44] Sandra’s background in education, helping people become better, and what she’s currently doing in psychotherapy. •[5:00] The importance of having the basic needs of mental health covered when going through difficult times as an entrepreneur. •[9:46] The basic needs of mental health – having a good support system and changing your state of mind. •[14:20] How to view your limiting beliefs as limitless success by changing your thought process on what’s going on in your environment. •[19:48] Where you can find Sandra, her new project, plus the power of embracing your anxiety. Relevant Links: •Email: •Instagram:

Jan 14, 2022
How to Perfect Your SEO Game on Your Website with Eric Seropyan

How to Perfect Your SEO Game on Your Website What does it take to rank SEO for a hyperlocal business? When it comes to SEO, you have to be very specific with the keywords you want to rank for to be effective. In this episode of the SpeakEasy Podcast, Altovise speaks with Eric Seropyan, an SEO and digital marketing specialist. He helps businesses rank on Google through SEO strategies and digital marketing campaigns. Listen in to learn the basic components to ensure your website is well ranked for SEO and your content is all over the internet. “Whatever work you do, you have to immerse yourself in it.”- Eric [15:47] What you will learn in this episode: •[1:27] Get to know what Eric does as a digital marketing agency owner that’s local. •[3:13] How to rank SEO for a hyperlocal business by specifically identifying where your clients are. •[6:39] How to optimize, index, and rank your website and social media to be at the top of your game. •[10:59] The process of creating content that gets the attention of Google, YouTube, and the whole internet. •[15:45] How to immerse yourself fully to SEO work to start seeing results on Google. Relevant Links: •Website: •LinkedIn:

Jan 11, 2022
The Power of Aphrodisiacs in Building Love with Lillian Zeltser

The Power of Aphrodisiacs in Building Love Did you know there exist foods that are nature’s stimulants to your sexuality and wellbeing? Aphrodisiacs are natural stimulants that positively impact your general wellbeing and sexuality. In this episode of the SpeakEasy Podcast, Altovise speaks with Lillian Zeltser, aphrodisiacs expert with over 30 years of experience on the subject. She enjoys experiences all over the world, has been to over 180 countries, and shares the experiences that she learns from native people about aphrodisiacs. Listen in to learn why you shouldn’t overdo aphrodisiacs to get the maximum benefits and avoid any negative effects. What you will learn in this episode: •[1:20] Get to know Lilian, how she got into aphrodisiacs and the value of aphrodisiac foods. •[8:25] The impact of aphrodisiacs (natural stimulants) to your wellbeing and sexuality. •[14:33] Lilian’s lessons on aphrodisiacs from all of her traveling plus the power of essential oils. Relevant Links: •Website: •Book: Aphrodisiac Adventures

Jan 06, 2022
Why It’s Never Too Late to Start Anything with Eleanor Vale

Why It’s Never Too Late to Start Anything Is it too late for you to start? It is time you stop limiting yourself or giving up from starting anything at any age In this episode of the SpeakEasy Podcast, Altovise speaks with Eleanor Vale, a senior influencer, attorney, author, and director at Re-Set My Clock. At 83 years, she challenged herself with the support of her boyfriend to go hang gliding. Listen in to learn about the beauty in growing older and in experiencing life that we often deny ourselves by just existing. “Don’t give up; you can hold on to other things, just don’t limit yourself.”- Eleanor [6:50] What you will learn in this episode: •[1:02] Eleanor shares her experience hang gliding, who inspired her to do it, and how it positively transformed her life. •[4:48] How she balances her career as a lawyer and the senior influencer she is. •[6:07] Stop giving up and limiting yourself to doing one thing. •[8:14] The valuable role of seniors in our society today. •[10:01] How she came up with the idea of Re-set My Clock company. •[11:44] Eleanor on her future plans and being at the happiest phase of her life. Relevant Links: •Website: •Facebook:

Jan 04, 2022
Christmas brownies...

I am a brownie lover. I have never tried to hide it and I have only once turned down the opportunity to get a brownie while traveling. (That’s a whole other discussion for a different episode tho) This year on Christmas Eve I received some fresh brownies and it brought my heart great joy. Well...the brownies were not just for me but you get my point. Lol I received them without a second thought. Now, the same person would have brought a fruitcake to my home they would have been banished. A least until they learned how their disrespectful ways hurt me. Lmbo!!! Honestly, this season always makes me reflect on so many things in my life but the brownies almost made me cry. For years I felt that receiving what I wanted was in some way selfish. As someone who was always giving, always showing up, and always sacrificing, I found it hard to receive until I started doing something different. Do you find it hard to receive the things you love? Listen in to today’s episode and them chime in on the discussion on IG @altoviseunmuted

Dec 24, 2021
Remember why...

Remember why... As we head into the week of Christmas, there will be many opportunities to think about the what and the who but don't lose sight of your why. This year was the first year where I actually took off all month. I was nervous to do so. I had to turn down opportunities to work with new clients and say no to current clients. Let me give you a little back story. For years I worked sometimes two and three jobs just to make ends meet. (Let's be honest they ever really meet tho?) I missed milestones and moments that will not happen again. I hardly saw my children and I was always tired. ALWAYS! One day would slip right into the next one. I know that many can relate to this because I receive messages every week that remind me that there are others living the life that I was living. Then, a few months ago, after a 7 AM call from my doctor, I had to rush to the ER for a blood transfusion. It was a reality check for sure. Had I forgotten my why again? I had a real hard conversation with myself and decided to make some adjustments. You will have the opportunity to see and even be a part of what I am working on very soon. My why...was the freedom to live a better life. Better than what you may ask. Better than living paycheck to paycheck Better than living on medications or in pain Better than not having REAL relationships with the people I love Better than not enjoying brownies before dinner sometimes Better than the IG lifestyle (That'll preach right there. lol) While, I have done a lot of work to live a better life, that hospital visit showed me that I was not living my best life. So, as I embark on this journey, I will be sure to keep you updated. The weekly emails will continue, and I have two major launches coming in 2022. It's the transition from better to best and I don't just want it for me. I want it for you too. Over the next few weeks, I will be highlighting some of the accomplishments of 2021. Here is the first one I posted over the weekend. A Blessing with my name on it! The #SpeakEasy Podcast: Instagram: Amazon Live: As you head into this holiday week, remember your why!

Dec 21, 2021
Thr Cost of Showing Up

Everything has a cost...and the cost can be expensive. While many will immediately think about a financial cost, when you show up you will have an emotional cost, relational cost, mental cost, and even a physical cost. That cost is more and more evident with the use of social media and media outlets. This is the episode that knocks out the myths of what it means to be an influencer. Let’s pull back the curtains and shine a light on a few things. On one hand we have Nick Cannon and his tribute to his son and on the other hand was a post from @destiny_inspires. Both showed a clear picture of the what the cost of showing up looks like. Are you ready to pay the cost to show up like a boss, like an the CEO that you put on paper? It’s achievable if you are willing to put in the werk. Stay connected: Instagram: @altoviseunmuted

Dec 16, 2021
Choosing to Stay Healthy During the Pandemic with Lisa Leshko Evers, RN

Choosing to Stay Healthy During the Pandemic How are you taking care of health during the pandemic? even though the vaccine is already here, it is important that you’re conscious of things that might impact your long-term health and that of your loved ones. In this episode of the #SpeakEasy Podcast, Altovise speaks with Lisa Leshko Evers, an emergency and addiction medicine nurse with over 35 years’ experience. She’s currently more focused on holistic health and natural ways of achieving health. Listen in to learn some of the natural ways you need to incorporate into your lifestyle to support your health and perform better in business. “There are so many fabulous things that we can do to nurture and reinforce our wellbeing and our holistic health.”- Lisa [20:52] What you will learn in this episode: [1:46] Lisa on her 35+ years’ experience as a nurse and how she embraces health from a natural and holistic view. [3:18] Be conscious and ensure you don’t kill the protective bacteria in your body while killing the bad ones. [7:02] How to let go of fear of things and instead start coexisting with it. [9:41] Understanding the Covid-19 vaccine and questions you need to ask to understand further. [14:39] Trust your gut and don’t talk yourself out of whatever feelings you have about the vaccine. [18:08] The vitamins, minerals, and supplements to take to boost and support your immune system. [24:20] Learn to remind yourself of play and simplicity of life. Relevant Links: Website:

Dec 14, 2021
How to be Financially Literate and Successful with Sarry Ibrahim

How to be Financially Literate and Successful How financially literate are you and are striving to be? The pandemic has taught us that being financially aware is very crucial in ensuring your business and investments remain safe under whatever economic and market conditions. In this episode of the #SpeakEasy Podcast, Altovise speaks with Sarry Ibrahim, the CEO of Financial Asset Protection. He helps high net worth individuals, real estate investors, business owners, and retirees grow and protect their wealth predictably and safely. Listen in to learn how to use financial vehicles and strategies that are not impacted by economic or market conditions. “The people who ask more questions tend to make more money in life because they’re not assuming anything.”- Sarry [15:58] What you will learn in this episode: [1:21] Get to know Sarry and how he helps business owners build wealth without taking unnecessary risks. [3:32] How to be financially successful by being financially aware and being objective with your decisions. [6:25] The difference between conventional and unconventional financial wisdom. [11:24] How to differentiate necessary and unnecessary risks as a business owner, plus how to be careful who you listen to for financial advice. [14:36] The importance of asking financial questions to be literate rather than assuming. Relevant Links: Website: LinkedIn:

Dec 09, 2021
How To Adapt and Pivot Your Business During a Crisis with Patti Mara

How To Adapt and Pivot Your Business During a Crisis Are you leaning in and pivoting to what’s showing up in your business during the pandemic? It is important that you create a powerful future vision for your business that will enable you to easily pivot during hard times. In this episode of the #SpeakEasy Podcast, Altovise speaks with Patti Mara, a business coach who’s been in the business for over 20 years and the author of UpSolutions. Patti has created several breakthrough businesses programs that allow entrepreneurs to produce results professionally and personally. She’s also a passionate advocate for independently owned businesses. Listen in to learn the importance of having a powerful and engaging future vision that you can adjust when failure occurs. “We have to engage and lean in and adapt and learn and pivot based on what’s showing up.”- Patti [2:22] What you will learn in this episode: [1:20] Get to know Patty the business coach, and why she works with brick-and-mortar businesses. [3:46] How to future-forward your business for better results and positioning. [7:10] Understanding how to create value for your business, which is your business. [8:52] Learning to lean into what’s not working in your business because it’s creating the redirect for you. [10:38] Have a powerful and engaging future vision that will enable you to pivot your business. Relevant Links: Website:

Dec 07, 2021
Hidden in Plain Sight - RK by Ruby Kisses

Two years ago, while at SpeakerCon2019, I found a makeup brand in a hair store that I have fallen in love with. RK by Ruby Kisses was my go to in a clutch when I realized that I didn’t have any makeup with me while I was out of town. No...I didn’t know what color to get or even if it would be good on my skin. (Am MUA I am not! Lol) Recently, while preparing to be honored at SpeakerCon2021 it hit me. I’ve been using the same brand of makeup for two years but I knew nothing about the company. In a time where storytelling leads to sales and engagement, I was using a brand with no commercials or celebrity endorsements. So, I started searching and you know what I came up with? Nothing! Zilch! Well not exactly...that’s why I did this episode! Have you ever felt like you were hidden in plain sight as a business, speaker, or author? How did you handle it?

Nov 10, 2021
SpeakerCon2021 “Speaker on the Rise”

It’s kind of unreal when I think about it but I am now an award winning author AND an award winning speaker. It blows my mind because the introvert side of me still cringes when I think about getting on stage. me...I have a whole coaching session with myself before I speak sometimes. Walking on stage only two things rang in my head: 1. better not trip up these steps 2. better not forget your speech Although this is my second award, this is my first time giving an acceptance speech. (I nailed it just in case you were wondering. Lol) I had to 2 minutes to make an impact, give my shoutouts and leave my imprint on the SpeakerCon stage! I did it in 1 minute and 35 seconds. There are a few things that stood out to me in this moment and a great reminder for every entrepreneur. What are you preparing for? Check out my acceptance speech on my IG @altoviseunmuted and let me know what you thought about it.

Nov 06, 2021