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971 - Torsten Bauer Questions 4.0

All the way from Frankfurt, Germany - Torsten is Shaq's biggest fan - but our conversation today was much wider than that - thanks Torsten!

May 31
970 - Mark Hoyle, Red Sox Master Collector, with Rich Klein

Rich and I hear from Mark Hoyle a passionate team collector (Red Sox and New England) who is well along in his hobby quest - congrats Mark.

May 29
969 - Dueling Questions with Cage Lawyer

Perhaps you have watched or listened to Cage - always interesting when trading questions with a attorney - especially one with a hobby background - thanks Cage.

May 26
968 - Out-Takes on Trimming from Hobby Hotline 051323

One of the segments on this multi-topic show happened to be card trimming - which is perhaps getting more controversial or at least more discussed.

May 24
967 - Tribute: Jim Brown, with John Newman

Legendary GOAT running back Jim Brown passed away on Friday at the age of 87 - John Newman and I remember his greatness during his nine-year career of excellence - typically the best card in each of the sets he appeared in.

May 22
966 - Torsten Bauer Questions 3.0

My third round with Torsten across the Atlantic Ocean discussing his insightful questions and comments going deeper into some of my past episodes.  Thanks Torsten!

May 19
965 - Out-Takes on Kevin Isaacson and BGS from Hobby Hotline 051323

Last Saturday's Hobby Hotline was focused on the recent hiring of my friend (and long-time hobby veteran) Kevin Isaacson as CEO of Beckett Media and my reaction to that.  Listen to the whole Hobby Hotline episode! 

May 17
964 - Out-Takes with Dick Perez and Marq Evans

Dick Perez, The Diamond King, is being featured in Marq's documentary film to be released next year - this was our discussion after we talked about that.

May 15
963 - My Grading Origin Story

This time I told my sports card hobby origin story from the perspective of modern grading - as I was presenting live to some grading trainees at BGS - this is the edited version.

May 12
962 - Dick Perez and Marq Evans, The Diamond King Documentary

Dick and Marq came on for a discussion of their upcoming (next year) feature-length documentary film.  Having already just listened to them on several of my favorite podcasts, I asked them some questions I had not heard addressed.

May 10
961 - Ramblings with Rich Klein 4.0

More ramblings with Rich - we were responding to some interesting listener questions - thanks Rich and thanks listeners.

May 08
960 - Ramblings with Rich Klein 3.0

Another 15 minutes of ramblings about our great hobby - thanks Rich and thanks listeners - send your suggestions to doctorjamesbeckett@gmail.com

May 05
959 - Personalization

Various aspects of personalization in our sports card and collecting hobby are discussed, including several you might not be expecting - thanks for your episode suggestions.

May 03
958 - Ramblings with Rich Klein 2.0

Rich and I enjoyed the first ramblings so much we re-upped for another spontaneous session - we both rambled!

May 01
957 - Interview: Danny Black, Hobby News Daily

Danny Black has launched Hobby News Daily along with a distinguished group of contributing writers - at this point it is free, so definitely check it out and sign up - thanks Danny!

Apr 28
956 - Ramblings with Rich Klein

Rich and I had accumulated a few different hobby topics for each other to chew on and this episode resulted - if you like it, we will do it again.  Thanks!

Apr 26
955 - Upper Deck Hockey Box Battle Insights

I did a fantasy tournament of four different Upper Deck hockey boxes evaluating each by non-standard criteria as befits an audio podcast - thanks Upper Deck!

Apr 24
954 - Five Listeners Questions 6.0

Five more listener questions and comments some from late last year as I got behind in responding, but please keep your questions coming, send them to doctorjamesbeckett@gmail.com and thanks again.

Apr 21
953 - Five Listener Questions 5.0

You would not think a funeral is a place where sports card hobby questions come up but there are exceptions ... and exceptional people.

Apr 19
952 - 1966 Topps Baseball

Rich and I followed up our discussion of the previous two years with this much tougher offering from Topps, challenging primarily due to the difficulty of the high numbers in this set.

Apr 17
951 - Tribute: Chandy Greenholt, Season Ticket, with Rich Klein

Longtime respected National dealer from North Carolina, Chandy Greenholt has passed away - he will be greatly missed by Rich, myself, and so many others - he was our friend.

Apr 14
950 - Recap: Podcast Episodes 924-948

Getting closer to 1,000 episodes!  This has been fun.  If you have episode suggestions, send to doctorjamesbeckett@gmail.com and thanks!

Apr 12
949 - Cards I Should Have By Now

This episode is inspired by John Keating's new podcast of that same name - I have my own list of cards (not just baseball) I should have gotten by now and I share my lament with you.

Apr 10
948 - 1964 and 1965 Topps Baseball, with Rich Klein

Rich and I compare and contrast these two unremarkable mid-decade Topps baseball products.  Nevertheless we find interesting aspects to share about each of these sets.

Apr 07
947 - Near Death Experiences

Near Death Experiences discussed in terms of how you "hobby" when death is nearer, but perhaps not imminent.  Every year I am simplifying, and you should too if you are close to my age.

Apr 05
946 - Out-Takes from That Seventies Card Show, with John Keating, Part 2

The final portion of our longer conversation about the hobby with his particular emphasis on the Seventies - thanks John for an enjoyable ride through that decade, my favorite decade for collecting!

Apr 03
945 - Reductio Ad Absurdum

On the day before April Fools, we take a look at some extreme and/or absurd examples of hobby aspects that could be stretched beyond recognition.  Have fun with this greatest hobby!

Mar 31
944A - Out-Takes on MINT Collective from Hobby Hotline 032823

John Newman, Chris Harris, and Jeremy Lee joined in for this segment discussing the upcoming (today!) and expanded MINT Collective in Las Vegas.  Hope it's a great event!

Mar 30
944 - Next Big Thing?

Collectors frequently ask me what will be the next big thing.  Just within the world of sports there are so many types of collectibles that have yet to blow up.   

Mar 29
943 - Out-Takes from That Seventies Card Show, with John Keating

John Keating has completed his 80-episode run of That Seventies Card Show - I was honored to be his guest on his episode 79 and here are some highlights excerpted - thanks John!

Mar 27