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The MVP Podcast: Margeaux Giles; Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

In this episode of The MVP Podcast, Mitch Gibson sits down with Margeaux Giles, CEO of IRYS Insurtech, to talk about the struggles she went through while owning her own agency that lead her to create IRYS.  Episode Highlights: Margeaux answers the five rapid-fire questions, including her favorite color, favorite flavor of ice cream, and where she would like to go on vacation. (2:18) Margeaux shares her journey from being a CSR to becoming the CEO and Co-Founder of IRYS Insurtech, including her experience in the insurance industry and the struggles she faced while building a new product. (8:15) Margeaux discusses the emergence of insurance innovators moving into the tech space, bringing true knowledge and experience to the industry. (16:14) Margeaux mentions how enterprise agencies are losing good agents due to their lack of technology adoption and how they are now scrambling to catch up. (28:04) Margeaux discusses how the IRYS Insurtech focuses on representing complex relationships between people, policies, businesses, and charities to identify potential niche markets and future premium opportunities. (343:53) Margeaux mentions that agencies should focus on the core community and let the transactional business go. (43:30) Margeaux encourages agents to shift their focus from technology to ask questions about how to make technology better. (51:33) Key Quotes: “We failed a million times at a million things before we were able to kind of get our heads around what we thought was the best path forward. So yeah, it's quick to market, right? But it's many, many decades in the making.” - Margeaux Giles “If I was going to start a new agency right now, I would focus on that core community and I would let some of that transactional business go in my opinion.” - Margeaux Giles “If you're waking up every morning, and you're miserable because of where you work, or how you work, you can change that. And only when we all decide to change, does it actually happen.” - Margeaux Giles Resources Mentioned: Margeaux Giles LinkedIn IRYS Insurtech Reach out to Mitch Gibson

May 24, 2023
The 10 Rules of Business: The Fourth Rule of Business

Attract and Keep Good People. In today's competitive job market, finding and retaining top talent is a challenge for any organization. However, it is not impossible, and we are here to share insights and strategies to help you attract and keep the best people for your team. Join us as we dive into the world of recruitment and explore the many ways in which you can create a work environment that is both attractive and fulfilling for your employees. We will discuss the importance of building a strong company culture, offering competitive compensation packages, providing opportunities for growth and development, and fostering an environment of open communication and collaboration.

May 24, 2023
Power Producers: Throwback: From Vape to Voip with Jeremy Chen

In this throwback episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Jeremy Chen of Jeremy Chen Sales. Jeremy talks about how he helps companies improve their sales strategies and performance.  Episode Highlights: Jeremy shares his background story, and how he got to where he is in his professional career. (1:50) Jeremy explains that when he started getting into sales, he never really had any experience in the field. (6:33) Jeremy talks about how he got an opportunity and landed a job at a cell phone company. (22:37) Jeremy shares that his selling secret is always pretending he knows who he is talking to. (28:17) Jeremy explains that the biggest mistake made by producers or salespeople is their mindset. (33:33) Jeremy shares that he learned the process and flow of cold calling by just doing it. (39:05) Jeremy talks about his favorite sales story based on his experience being a salesperson for a vet company. (41:57) Jeremy explains that people are unaware that they only want to hear other people tell them that they are correct instead of telling them that they are wrong. (47:45) Jeremy shares that in the sales industry, some people just need the time to think through whatever their argument is. (50:40) Jeremy explains that he thinks cold calling has been ongoing and active even during the COVID pandemic. (52:43) Tweetable Quotes: "You're asking the questions from a position of, I just want to be told that I was right the entire time, as opposed to actually, I'm doing something wrong." - Jeremy Chen "I was going broke, I certainly wouldn't depend on digital marketing to bring me my next meal. Right, I would go out and find it." - Jeremy Chen "Sales and appointment setting is a game of hot potato, and the more you talk, the longer your hands are going to burn. So I don't care what you say, just make it so clear to the point that you can toss that potato back in their lap." - Jeremy Chen Resources Mentioned: Jeremy Chen LinkedIn Jeremy Chen Sales David Carothers Kyle Houck Florida Risk Partners The Extra 2 Minutes

May 24, 2023
Jeremy Goodrich: Agency Success, Niches, And Passive Income

In this episode of Agency Intelligence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Jeremy Goodrich, Owner of Shine Insurance Agency. Episode Highlights: Jeremy mentions that he and his wife established Shine Insurance Agency in 2013, aiming to transform people's perception of insurance. (1:36) Jeremy advises new agency owners to start writing down their processes from the beginning to create efficient systems. (6:48) Jeremy discusses his experience in discovering a commercial real estate niche and his strategy for managing clients' risks. (9:00) Jeremy mentions that the fundamental elements of building a business are the three E's: Education, Experience, and an Entourage. (11:24) Jeremy explains the concept of charging additional fees for app access, noting that it would only be successful if the value offered by the agency justified the cost. (23:31) Jeremy shares insights on the significance of transforming an agency into a passive income source, and provides examples of his accomplishments in this area. (26:07) Key Quotes: “One of the first things I always advise someone who's a new agency owner, maybe they haven't written their first million dollars in premium yet, is even from the beginning, start writing down your processes.” - Jeremy Goodrich “If you're going to find success in a business, you first have to have education, you second have to have experience. And then the third one is…you have to have an entourage.” - Jeremy Goodrich Resources Mentioned: Jeremy Goodrich LinkedIn Shine Insurance Agency Reach out to Jason Cass Agency Intelligence

May 23, 2023
Power Producers: Throwback: Open Up the Premier Strategy Box with Mick Hunt

In this throwback episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Mick Hunt, the CEO at Premier Strategy Box. Mick talks about the six pillars that every business should be built around. Episode Highlights: Mick mentions that he started in the insurance industry 20 years ago and he was a sales manager for a nationwide agency. (2:37) Mick shares that when he realized that there was a need for business development and processes, he started the Premiere Strategy Box. (4:05) Mick mentions that they find out your priorities and then build a program and a plan based on that. They do something completely different for every client. (6:41) Mick shares that they’re focused on the middle market and none of his producers ever wrote double-digit accounts per year. (14:44) Mick mentions that when everyone understands profitability, they care a little bit more. When they're tied to that profitability, they care a little bit more as well. (21:06) Tweetable Quotes: “We can't work with everyone, right? There have to be some core principles that you have in place, right? I don't want someone that's looking for a 30-day quick fix because that's not what we do. If anybody promises that you should run, right? Like, there's no such thing as a quick fix.” - Mick Hunt “If you're not willing to make the phone calls, do the follow-ups, or not willing to learn then it's not gonna work. There's nothing that I can say that's gonna make you better. Nothing that my coaches can tell you that's gonna make you better if you don't have that trait. It's not gonna work.” - Mick Hunt “If you were fresh out of college and you kind of had that mantra about you, you are definitely coming on board. I just look for that sales trait because that's the one thing that I can't teach. I can't teach you how to go get it and that you're going to get told no more than you're going to get told yes, and love it.” - Mick Hunt Resources Mentioned: David Carothers LinkedIn Kyle Houck LinkedIn Florida Risk Partners The Extra 2 Minutes Mick Hunt LinkedIn Premier Strategy Box

1h 1m
May 22, 2023
Digital Insurance Pint: Blinded Me With Science (Thomas Dolby)

“She blinded me with science!” And hit me with technology In this episode, we dig into the unintended consequences of technology implementations. Was the broker thrown out with the bathwater when insurance companies got rid of their legacy systems and went with Guidewire? Did carriers solicit broker input on tools & processes to remove friction? Did carriers receive “good” feedback from brokers? Is paperless catching on? update on road to paperless – our spin. Is there such a thing as a “good” broker portal? Resources: Tom Reid Jeff Roy Steve Earle Adam Mitchell Digital Insurance Pint Podcast

May 21, 2023
Agency Freedom: E103: Lani Cathey On Growth and Self-Awareness

In this episode, James talks with Lani Cathey, CEO of XDimensional Technologies. To learn more about XDimensional Technologies, Inc, visit https://xdti.com/. Visit our website to join our email list, get the scoop on our LIVE coaching calls and never miss an episode: https://www.agencyfreedom.com Connect with Agency Freedom Podcast on Facebook at the Agency Freedom Podcast group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/agencyfreedom Email us at podcast@agencyfreedom.com with ideas, questions, complaints or your favorite grilling recipe. Episode Highlights: Lani discusses the progress of diversity and inclusion in the insurance and technology industries, with a focus on gender diversity and the elimination of fear in women. (2:39) Lani shares her career journey from IBM to consulting work to working with insurance companies and eventually joining Insurity, which later became XDimensional Technologies. (9:11) Lani talks about building a diverse team and having different backgrounds and experiences to create good thought processes. (11:30) Lani explains how XDTI selects partners based on their strengths and attributes, such as a focus on the customer and ease of collaboration. (20:00) Lani mentions the importance of marketing and word of mouth getting out about XDTI and their platform, Nexsure. (25:29) Lani Cathey discusses XDTI's engagement with their user group and how they will continue to use it going forward. (31:49)  Key Quotes: “What I'm trying to have an impact on, is making sure that that changes because in the end, the diversity not only in gender diversity but in culture diversity, orientation diversity, makes us better people, companies and makes better technology.” - Lani Cathey “What I look for in the attributes of a partner is the same philosophical focus on the customer, focus on what you do best and are they easy to work with? I mean, much like you would determine how you work with a vendor, we look for the same attributes as a partner. We aren't necessarily going to have the same culture, but I want to have the same vision in supporting customers. And that's what we move forward with.” - Lani Cathey “One of the reasons why I really am excited about doing this podcast, is we do need to get our word out there because we feel we have a great platform, we do have a strong representation in your size of the agency in our existing customer base. And to your point, what we've invested in as well as simplified implementation and conversions that can support bringing on more agencies like yourself.” - Lani Cathey

May 19, 2023
Power Producers: Throwback: The Producer Mindset

In this throwback episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck talk about the different impulse factors that can help you close sales.  Episode Highlights: David talks about season two of The Protege and how interesting it has been to watch which contestants are succeeding, and it may not be the ones that were originally the front-runners. (1:36) David explains that if you want to have insurance-related knowledge, get the CIC designation. (3:15) Kyle and David talk about a relatable mindset that Tiger Woods has that can also be applied to sales. (8:19) Kyle talks about the importance of confidence in sales and believing that you are supposed to be there and that you belong. (13:38) David talks about the downfall of a sales process that is based on auditing policies rather than bringing value. (16:03) Tweetable Quotes: "Half the battle is believing that you're supposed to be there. They took the appointment, as you know, don't talk yourself out of it because you think you don’t belong." - Kyle Houck "I think many times what happens is we get so caught up in needing to know every single nuance of policy language, exclusions, endorsements, how to talk technically, and all of that." - David Carothers Resources Mentioned: David Carothers Kyle Houck Florida Risk Partners The Extra 2 Minutes

May 19, 2023
RHS 183 - Hiring Neurodivergent Superheroes for Your Agency with Michael Eagan

In this episode of The Ryan Hanley Show, Ryan Hanley is joined by Michael Eagan. Michael Eagan founded The Independence Hub, which seeks to make insurance the preferred industry for neurodivergent talent.  Insurance Hub aims to offer the insurance industry connections to best practices and talent through industry educational and neurodivergent recruiting events. Don't miss this episode... Episode Highlights: Michael shares his experience with ADHD and how he started a remote work center for neurodivergent people. (7:37) Michael mentions that ADHD brains continue to develop throughout life, while neurotypical brains stop developing. (16:11) Michael believes that a manager needs to be trained and aware of neurodiversity and the leader needs to be mentored and have tools to translate the awareness into the business world. (24:45) Michael explains how neurodivergent people have unique skill sets that are often overlooked in the standard hiring process. (37:55) Michael discusses the challenges of disclosing neurodivergent conditions during job interviews and the need for proper management of executive function skills. (48:43) Ryan mentions that his mission is to make the insurance industry more exciting and appealing to people, including those with ADHD. (53:24) Ryan encourages listeners to get involved in the program and talk to Mike if they have questions or frustrations. (58:23) Key Quotes: “Do you know that ADHD brains continue to develop through our lives? Whereas other neurotypical people, their brains, they stopped developing. So like, where you'll continue to have interests your whole life, like you'll find new music, you'll find new art, you'll find new hobbies.” - Michael Eagan “So that's why I won't listen to anybody because when I listen to people, it doesn't work. When I do it my way, it may be a little messy, but wow, it turns out a lot of times, I'm better at things than you.” - Michael Eagan Resources Mentioned: Michael Eagan LinkedIn The Independence Hub Reach out to Ryan Hanley Rogue Risk Finding Peak

1h 4m
May 18, 2023
Power Women In Insurance: Leading by Being a Trusted Resource in Your Community With Michelle Mosher

In this episode of Power Women In Insurance, Teresa Kitchens sits down with Michelle Mosher, Agency Principal at Southshore Insurance Professionals. Michelle and Teresa talk about surviving a hard market and being a resource for your clients. Episode Highlights: Michelle discusses the insolvency of six companies in Florida the previous year and its effect on policyholders. (2:27) Michelle explains the application of a depreciation schedule for roofs, contrasting it with full replacement costs, and its connection to auto insurance. (10:26) Michelle and Teresa discuss the challenges of educating clients on insurance issues, including the misconception that insurance is "free money." (18:44) Michelle mentions that they receive a significant amount of business through Facebook neighborhood groups, where individuals seek insurance recommendations and mention their names. (30:56) Michelle shares her thoughts on the mental strain resulting from making decisions on behalf of clients all day, expressing her need for a respite from decision-making. (37:15) Teresa discusses her strategies for managing her workload, which include emailing reminders to herself. (42:48) Key Quotes: “We try to put ourselves out there, especially in our community, because we are here. And we put ourselves out there to be a resource.” - Michelle Mosher “At the end of the day, I'm a people person. I want to help most of the people. We spent a lot of time last year learning who our client was, and we've gotten really good at this.” - Michelle Mosher Resources Mentioned: Michelle Mosher LinkedIn  Southshore Insurance Professionals Contact Teresa Kitchens Sterling Insurance Group

May 17, 2023
The 10 Rules of Business: The Third Rule of Business

In this episode, we dive into the third rule of business: know your numbers. Understanding your financials is a critical component of success in any business. This rule is often overlooked, but it's essential to stay on top of your income, expenses, profit margins, and other key metrics to ensure that your business is profitable and sustainable.

May 17, 2023
Power Producers: Ask Fetch with Trace Meek

In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Trace Meek, Founder of Fetch. Trace explains how Fetch helps insurance agents find policy-specific carriers and discusses the launch of a new product called Ask Fetch, which utilizes machine learning to teach AI about insurance underwriting. Episode Highlights: Trace explains how Fetch, an underwriting management system, has the capacity to condense 50-60 policy types into a mere 5-6 within a minute's span. (3:50) Trace mentions how Insurance Daily News is a funnel for more than 100,000 insurance articles and 3,500 podcasts, delivering emails focused on the top 10 articles. (12:41) Trace shares about "Ask Fetch", a product they developed that leverages AI to provide answers to insurance professionals' queries, based on underwriting guidelines and carrier data. (22:29) Trace explains a Fetch feature that empowers users to instruct the AI to transform insurance documents into Excel files for more efficient organization and analysis. (29:46) Trace discusses the beta introduction of Ask Fetch, which lets insurance agents upload documents and ask questions to obtain specific policy details. (35:53) Trace shares his insight into the impact automation may have on the job market, including the insurance industry. (43:45) Tweetable Quotes: “We built a system that we manage all that data for you…it can reduce anywhere from 50 to 60 policy types, down to just five or six and just 30 to 60 seconds, and really give you that drill down of what carriers would possibly write your risk. So that was it was the short long version.” - Trace Meek  “We have built what's called Ask Fetch, and it's using open API's. You know, I didn't create it myself but we're creating our own machine learning on top of it. And what that is, is we're teaching the prompts like if you're an underwriter, if you're an insurance professional, if you're an HR, we're teaching, when you ask it questions that it knows how to respond to you based on that.” - Trace Meek  Resources Mentioned: Trace Meek LinkedIn Fetch Ask Fetch Insurance Daily News David Carothers Kyle Houck Florida Risk Partners The Extra 2 Minutes

May 17, 2023
Empowering Independent Agents In Insurtech With Adam Blumencranz

In this episode of Agents Influence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Adam Blumencranz, Partner at Distributed Ventures. Episode Highlights: Adam shares his daily routine as a venture investor, including spending time talking to new insurtech companies, advising current portfolio companies, and staying up to date with the latest developments in the insurance industry. (5:19) Adam discusses the potential of Chat GPT and generative AI in the insurance industry, including the use cases and entry points for this technology. (10:27) Adam and Jason discuss the value of relationships in the insurance industry and how they can provide more detailed conversations compared to non-strategic funds. (15:08) Adam explains the different stages of venture investing, from friends and family to series A and beyond. (25:20) Adam defines a unicorn as a company with a valuation of a billion dollars and discusses the challenges of achieving this status in the insurance industry. (27:48) Adam offers to help independent agents interested in hearing from early-stage companies and shares his experience in working with brokers. (29:49) Key Quotes: “I am very conscious and very aware of the fact that I don't want to become that investor that I kind of laugh at… And so for that reason, to your original point, I spend 25% of my time making sure that I'm staying up to date, latest and greatest in terms of what's actually happening on the ground floor through this industry.” - Adam Blumencranz “One of the reasons why some of the unsophisticated insurance investors have left the market and some understandably so, others not so much. The reality is, I'm not sure there are going to be that many billion dollar unicorn type exits in a short amount of time within our industry anytime soon.” - Adam Blumencranz “I'm here. I've seen it all, I don't know it all. But I know I know a lot related to the companies that are out there and I'm happy to help. I'm happy to meet new people and having to get more involved, more ingrained than I already am.” - Adam Blumencranz Resources Mentioned: Adam Blumencranz LinkedIn Distributed Ventures Reach out to Jason Cass  Agency Intelligence

May 16, 2023
Agency Freedom: 2023 NetVU/Vertafore Accelerate Conference Debrief

In this episode, James talks with Oliver Connor, Board Member of NetVU. To learn more about NetVU, visit https://www.netvu.org/web. Visit our website to join our email list, get the scoop on our LIVE coaching calls and never miss an episode: https://www.agencyfreedom.com Connect with Agency Freedom Podcast on Facebook at the Agency Freedom Podcast group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/agencyfreedom Email us at podcast@agencyfreedom.com with ideas, questions, complaints or your favorite grilling recipe. Episode Highlights: Oliver explains the unique dynamic between Vertafore and NetVU, and how the Accelerate conference is a collaboration between the two organizations to ensure their members get the best experience possible. (6:13) Oliver discusses the year-long planning process for the Accelerate 2024 conference. (8:58) Oliver explains the relationship between Vertafore and NetVU, and how being part of the NetVU family means being part of a larger community of users. (17:53) Oliver shares how NetVU is combating conference fatigue and delivering a compelling conference experience. (20:18) Oliver emphasizes the importance of building relationships and communicating with others in the industry, and how NetVU provides a platform for users to connect with each other and with carriers. (24:03) Key Quotes: “It's very much a year-long commitment to the members, as a joint effort between Vertafore and NetVU, to make sure that everybody's got a place. And all of these things can happen simultaneously in different rooms in different buildings. It's almost overwhelming. But I think that's what sets it apart is that it's a collaboration.” - Oliver Connor “The NetVU family is users, was users, will be users, right? And we're all in it together. We're just trying to find the best solution.” - Oliver Connor

May 16, 2023
Millionaire Insurance Producer: Throwback: The Best Cold Call Voice Message

Prospecting for new business isn't usually "fun" and making cold calls is often even less exciting. In fact, many insurance agents don't cold call at all. And, those who do either don't leave voice messages whatsoever or they leave messages that are terrible and get zero results, meaning no one ever calls them back. In this throwback episode of the Millionaire Insurance Producer podcast, host Charles Specht will explain not only why you SHOULD leave voice messages when you do cold calling but he gives you at least three real and usable scripts of what your voice message should be. Episode Highlights: Charles opens the episode by saying that he does not think too many people like prospecting. (1:20) Charles explains that you should have a good message when prospecting. (5:14) Charles explains why he recommends leaving a voice message but also why it should be the last-ditch effort. (8:57) Charles provides tips and samples of how to speak with gatekeepers. (9:34) Charles provides samples of what he thinks might be some of the best voice messages sound like. (15:30) Charles shares an example of how most of the agents leave their voice messages. (24:00) Charles gives out more samples from his script that he uses in cold calling. (28:00) Charles states that it is very important to relay the importance of your message in a cold call voice message.  Key Quotes: “I want you to understand, prospecting is a numbers game. Selling insurance is not a numbers game. Selling insurance is a relationship game. Prospecting is a numbers game. In other words, how many people are you actually contacting?” - Charles Specht “Always try and look at it from the perspective of how can I help this person? What can I say that's going to sort of flip the scenario here, so that I'm not merely somebody who's soliciting, but someone who's offering value.” - Charles Specht “As soon as they realize that this voice message is from an insurance agent, they stopped listening to you in the same way that a receptionist stopped listening.” - Charles Specht Resources Mentioned: Reach out to Charles Specht Permission Network Insurance Agency, Inc.

May 15, 2023
Power Producers: Giving Back with Don Shampine

In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Donald Shampine, President of Michigan Insurance Group. They discuss the importance of knowledge and education in the sales process, the challenges of starting and running an agency, and the benefits of being involved in industry associations. Episode Highlights: Don shares his journey of how he entered the insurance industry, established his own agency, and the lessons he learned along the way. (3:05) Don discusses the significance of having a deep understanding of the insurance industry, the role of continued education and certifications, and the importance of not pretending to know more than you do. (6:18) Don believes that people learn differently and approach each thing differently, so it's important to understand the policy rather than memorize it. (12:26) David mentions the value of including staff in financial discussions and decision-making activities to equip them for the practicalities of operating an agency. (19:33) Don explains that establishing niches and mastering the industry are crucial for success in a competitive market, differentiating you from other agents by asking appropriate questions and establishing expectations with your insured clients. (34:53) Don discusses his engagement with the Big I, his role as the most recent past President of the Michigan chapter, and his initiatives to energize the annual convention. (43:13) Don encourages people to actively participate in the industry, gain knowledge from others, and share valuable insights to improve both the agency and the industry as a whole. (56:05) Tweetable Quotes: “If they don't ask all these questions that you already established, the normal questions to ask in the industry, you're setting yourself apart and setting an expectation with your insured, which I think is critical to be successful when the market changes like this.” - Donald Shampine “I do recognize that I've been fortunate to be in an industry that's allowed me some, you know, some decent success, and I'd like to pay that forward to as many people as possible.” - Donald Shampine Resources Mentioned: Donald Shampine LinkedIn Michigan Insurance Group David Carothers Kyle Houck Florida Risk Partners The Extra 2 Minutes

1h 0m
May 15, 2023
Digital Insurance Pint: Get Together (The Youngbloods)

Come on, people now Smile on your brother Everybody get together Running a small business – like a brokerage – is tough. You don’t have all the resources, information, or access that you need. Luckily, Canadian brokers have provincial associations and a national association to rely on. Resources: Tom Reid Jeff Roy Steve Earle Adam Mitchell Digital Insurance Pint Podcast

May 14, 2023
Agency Freedom: E102: Mark Breading On Strategy, Marketing And Data

In this episode, James talks with Mark Breading, Partner at ReSource Pro. To learn more about ReSource Pro, visit https://www.resourcepro.com/ Visit our website to join our email list, get the scoop on our LIVE coaching calls and never miss an episode: https://www.agencyfreedom.com Connect with Agency Freedom Podcast on Facebook at the Agency Freedom Podcast group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/agencyfreedom Email us at podcast@agencyfreedom.com with ideas, questions, complaints or your favorite grilling recipe. Episode Highlights: Mark mentions that what's really powerful about ReSource Pro and the direction they've chosen is the ability to work with retail agencies, MGAs, wholesalers, carriers, and program administrators. (1:51) Mark explains that the core business process management that ReSource Pro provides is helping in the development of strategy and making plans and when clients reach the execution phase, they can assist in making things real and maintaining long-term relationships with a variety of different entities. (3:51) Mark shares that he had the great privilege and pleasure of working with insurance entities all around the world to help them think through strategy, how they could better use technology, and what sort of capabilities they needed to put in place to be competitive and grow. (5:43) Mark discusses the two types of services they offer: advisory and project-based consulting. (8:08) Mark discusses how he sees distribution trends developing in the future. (14:45) Mark believes that as long as agencies continue to play a trusted adviser role and expand their tech capability, they will still be a very strong part of the market. (19:02) Mark explains that parametric insurance makes sense for earthquakes because it covers incidentals rather than structural damage. (21:32) Mark discusses how people may improve the use of data that we currently have, as well as the relationships with other stakeholders. (31:54) Mark explains that companies in the insurance industry purchase back their own data every day. (39:36) Key Quotes: “What's really powerful about ReSource Pro, and the direction they've taken is that it will work with retail agencies and MGAs and wholesalers and carriers and program administrators, you name it. We think we're one of the only ones that really have that kind of end-to-end insight and are supporting and helping everybody in the whole ecosystem.” - Mark Breading “I had the great privilege and pleasure to work with insurance entities around the world, because, for most of the time, I had a global role helping them think through strategy, how they could leverage technology better, and what kind of capabilities they needed to put in place to be competitive and to grow.” - Mark Breading “Our Growth Solutions team has a huge impact on the retail agencies that work with them…just helping them to be more productive, to understand how to serve their policyholder clients better, how to work better with their carrier partners.” - Mark Breading

May 12, 2023
Power Producers: Throwback: Be a Problem Solver

In this throwback episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck discuss how important it is to solve problems instead of selling a product because as prospects share information, the higher the chances are of being able to close a sale.  Episode Highlights: David mentions that he’s beginning to believe that many agents do not understand how to identify and solve problems their prospects have. (3:37)  David explains how to increase your ability to close a sale by identifying the problems that you could solve for prospects instead of simply selling an insurance product. (9:27) David mentions that it is important to have an outline to avoid any complications and misunderstandings. (11:56) David explains that if you’re not getting the support you need from your agency, then you should go work for a different agency. (16:11) Kyle talks about how agents can lead their prospects down the path of discovery by dictating the line of questioning. (21:34) Kyle explains that explaining too much about the technical side of things to the prospect can make them feel overwhelmed. (24:07) David shares one of the mass marketing videos that he finds to be very effective. (25:06) David and Kyle explain how important it is to always follow up with your prospects, as it is very rare to have a sale on the initial pitch. (28:00) Tweetable Quotes: "If you're not getting that kind of support, go work for a different agency. You know, I mean, I hate to say that, but that's number one." - David Carothers "I think people have a hard time identifying how to figure out the problems. And the thing is, part of the issue is, the only solution has been to sell them insurance right?" - David Carothers  "So many times we talk about it, we beat it to death about how people are worried about selling a product instead of solving a problem." - David Carothers Resources Mentioned: David Carothers Kyle Houck Florida Risk Partners The Extra 2 Minutes

May 12, 2023
RHS 182 - Monica Parker on Turning Wonder into a Superpower

In this episode of The Ryan Hanley Show, Ryan Hanley is joined by Monica Parker.  Monica brings to the table a vast knowledge of navigating and communicating organizational change. An international speaker and presenter, she is a regular contributor to several platforms, including The Guardian and Thrive Global, and has also appeared on CNN and BBC Worldwide as an authority on organizational culture, change management, and inclusion. Monica is the author of The Power of Wonder; The Extraordinary Emotion That Will Change the Way You Live, Learn, and Lead. This episode is going to blow your mind... Episode Highlights: Monica shares practical ways to find wonder, including taking a wonder walk, trying new things, and creating a wonder mindset through slow thought and gratitude practice (7:37) Monica mentions that authenticity directly enhances and is enhanced by wonder and is linked to humility, which boosts job satisfaction, engagement, motivation, and performance. (19:19) Monica discusses incentivizing ideal behavior and the importance of recognizing the diversity of value that people bring to a company. (33:19) Monica explains the benefits of wonder over happiness, how wonder can deepen our emotional vocabulary, and how it can lead to pro-social emotions. (37:24) Monica discusses the concept of psychological richness and how it contributes to a wonder mindset, which is not just a moment but a mindset that can be created. (43:15) Monica mentions that wonder can be found in little moments and can be amplified when shared through storytelling or journaling. (48:34) Key Quotes: “Authenticity is another one of those elements that is directly enhanced by wonder and also can enhance wonder.” - Monica Parker “Psychological richness, to me, is the underpinning of what then creates a wonder mindset. And that's one of the things I always try to say, again, Wonder is not a moment. It's a mindset, it's something we can create.” - Monica Parker “I want people to start using the language of wonder and not shy away from it so that we start sharing this language as something that's pivotal to who we are, it's critical to who we are as humans. It's not just a hobby, it has gravitas. It's how our soul thrives and if we share that with other people, then it helps it grow within us.” - Monica Parker Resources Mentioned: Monica Parker LinkedIn Website: Monica C. Parker Book: The Power of Wonder; The Extraordinary Emotion That Will Change the Way You Live, Learn, and Lead. Reach out to Ryan Hanley Rogue Risk Finding Peak

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May 11, 2023
The 10 Rules of Business: The Second Rule of Business

The Second Rule of Business: Make Money

May 10, 2023
Power Producers: Raising the Roof with Peter Dunn

In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Peter Dunn, Sr. Vice President, Commercial Division at DHI Commercial Roofing. Peter Dunn discusses DHI Commercial Roofing's proactive approach to roof inspections and maintenance recommendations, as well as its use of technology to monitor weather events, and the importance of understanding insurance policies when it comes to roof damage. Episode Highlights: Peter explains how DHI Commercial Roofing serves as a dependable, single-source roofing partner for large corporations, providing honest and accurate assessments of roof conditions following extreme weather events. (2:30) Peter mentions that DHI Commercial Roofing's client base spans a variety of industries, including multi-family residential properties, banks, medical office buildings, movie theaters, and large industrial enterprises. (12:34) Peter explains DHI Commercial Roofing's approach of challenging adjusters to guarantee a fair assessment for their clients and ensure no damages are overlooked. (18:15) Peter discusses the impact of high deductibles on insurance coverage for roofs and other assets, emphasizing the need for insurance agents to educate their clients about these matters. (26:08) David mentions the importance of proactive communication with clients, particularly when delivering unfavorable news, and the need to set appropriate expectations. (35:24) Peter shares that DHI Commercial Roofing adds value by providing comprehensive information, thus enabling customers to make more informed decisions from a proactive standpoint. (39:48) Tweetable Quotes: “We're a national service provider for big companies across the country that we basically have identified have a need for a trustworthy, reliable single source roofing partner that can give them an honest and accurate opinion on the condition of the rooms after severe weather strikes.” - Peter Dunn “We use different technologies on the weather monitoring, and a little bit of technology on the actual inspections. But to truly evaluate the condition of a roof, you’ve got to physically get on that roof. You got to physically walk it and get really good eyes on it, to know what their conditions are.” - Peter Dunn “If you can be a more informative educational resource for your clients, they're going to appreciate that far more than the competition that's chasing them every day. That's the same thing we want to bring to you guys. Help your clients to make a more fully informed decision from a proactive stance. That's where we can come in and help.” - Peter Dunn Resources Mentioned: Peter Dunn LinkedIn Rich Evans Email  DHI Commercial Roofing David Carothers Kyle Houck Florida Risk Partners The Extra 2 Minutes

May 10, 2023
Power Women In Insurance: Cultivating Courage In The Insurance Industry with Dawnyel Smink

In this episode of Power Women In Insurance, Teresa Kitchens sits down with Dawnyel Smink, President of Canyon Lands Insurance and Founder of Women In Insurance Sharing Empowerment (WIISE). They discuss mentoring done right and how to build the courage to be our very best. Episode Highlights: Dawnyel discusses her passion for empowering women in the insurance industry and how she started the Women In Insurance Sharing Empowerment (WIISE). (2:28) Dawnyel shares her strategy of making it easy to show appreciation and make a difference in people's lives by using cards with positive messages. (13:01) Dawnyel discusses various ways she shows appreciation to her team, clients, and agencies, including giving scholarships and challenges, and emphasizes the importance of knowing the love language of one's team. (18:42) Dawnyel explains how she helps people manage their personal and professional life by asking questions and giving them a planner. (34:36) Dawnyel encourages people not to take rejection personally, as it doesn't mean you're wrong for everything you've done. (45:11) Dawnyel mentions that the WIISE Workshop was created to create a brave place to talk about empowerment, mental well-being, and how to have the right conversations at the right time. (52:28) Key Quotes: “It makes it easier to take some risks and do stuff that is really, really scary if you embrace the one person on the positive side, instead of embracing the one person on the negative side.” - Dawnyel Smink “You're responsible for where your path is going, no matter what obstacles or things are thrown in your way, and you can decide to make it a learning lesson. And you can remove those obstacles, and then you can go move forward in your life.” - Dawnyel Smink Resources Mentioned: Dawnyel Smink LinkedIn Canyon Lands Insurance CLI Select Agencies Wiise Women Contact Teresa Kitchens Sterling Insurance Group

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May 10, 2023
Kimi Donahue: Heavy Metal & Partnerships

In this episode of Agents Influence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Kimi Donahue, Agency Success Manager at Openly. Episode Highlights: Kimi discusses her podcast, Metal Health, which focuses on mental health and heavy metal music. (0:34) Kimi mentions that she is an Agency Success Manager for Openly as well as a heavy metal musician. (3:45) Kimi discusses her transition from Agency Owner to Openly. (6:14) Kimi explains that Openly is an insurance tech company founded by insurance professionals who understand the needs of the insurance industry. (8:50) Kimi shares her experience running her "Everything Insurance" agency and the importance of finding a niche. (10:32) Kimi discusses the significance of setting expectations and providing feedback in a business partnership, and the challenges of implementing it. (17:48) Kimi believes that having hard conversations in both personal and professional relationships is essential. (20:19) Kimi discusses the advantages of role-playing and providing effective feedback. (21:55) Key Quotes: “The cool part about Openly and I can actually attest to this because I work for them. It was built by insurance people. You know, there's a lot of InsurTech companies that are technology getting into the insurance space and Openly is quite the opposite. It's insurance people getting into the tech space.” - Kimi Donahue “Learning to have hard conversations, both at work and in your personal lives, whether it's a romantic relationship or with friends, is huge.” - Kimi Donahue “I could talk about roleplay all day long. But my favorite thing about it is it teaches you other perspectives, you know, you think you've got a great script, and then you hear someone say, even if you just walk away with one golden nugget, you're like, Oh, that was worth it.” - Kimi Donahue Resources Mentioned: Kimi Donahue LinkedIn Openly Metal Health Podcast Reach out to Jason Cass  Agency Intelligence

May 09, 2023
Millionaire Insurance: Throwback: You're Making Me Angry!

It's your fault. It's all your fault. Don't blame me and don't blame anyone else. You're building what you want to build so look in the mirror and own it. The size of your Book of Business is your own business but if you don't like what you're building then STOP AND BUILD SOMETHING ELSE.  In this throwback episode of the Millionaire Insurance Producer podcast, Charles Specht will tell you what you need to do to stop thinking small, how to start thinking BIGGER, and what you need to change in order to achieve the new business revenue growth you want. Episode Highlights: Charles opens the episode by sharing with his listeners why he is angry. (1:39) Charles shares his experience with the two agents that he has encountered. (2:55) Charles mentions that sometimes you just have to take a step back and ask yourself, “What are you building?” (8:53) Charles talks about advising an agent to increase the size of the account that they ate prospecting. (12:36) Charles explains that he wants people to realize that there is no reason to stay small. (14:31) Charles shares that the best business lesson he learned was the power of thinking bigger. (17:38) Charles shares another story of an insurance agent that he has worked with and the power of thinking bigger. (20:00) Charles shares the reasons that keep him going, and keep him motivated to continue. (25:15) Charles closes the episode with the question, Are you choosing or just allowing things to happen? (27:37) Key Quotes: “I'm going to tell you why I'm not happy. I'm not happy because I am sick and tired of insurance agents thinking small, period.” - Charles Specht    “Sometimes you just have to take a step back and ask yourself, ‘What am I building here? What actually am I putting into place? What am I creating?’ You have to take a step back and do that every once in a while because you just don't realize what you're doing in the middle of it.” - Charles Specht “There's no reason why you have to stay small. It doesn't matter, whatever the case is if your agency isn't used to those types of accounts, it doesn't matter, write them, prospect them, you'll figure it out.” - Charles Specht    Resources Mentioned: Reach out to Charles Specht Permission Network Insurance Agency, Inc.

May 08, 2023
Power Producers: Adapting in an Everchanging Environment with Jacob Simon

In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Jacob Simon, Founder & CEO at Adapt API. They discuss the benefits of using Adapt API to streamline processes and automate repetitive tasks and the challenges of automating the exchange of information between carriers and agencies.  Episode Highlights: Jacob explains that account managers are actually some of their biggest supporters as RPA frees them up to focus on revenue-bearing activities. (5:18) Jacob shares the biggest piece of pushback he gets, including concerns about carrier coverage and potential job loss due to automation. (14:59) Jacob discusses the challenges of building technology in insurance due to the lack of standardization and the complexity of API integration. (25:00) David shares his experience as a commercial producer and his decision to start his own company. (27:42) David discusses the potential pushback from employees who fear losing their jobs to automation and the benefits of using virtual professionals and how automation can take agencies to the next level. (32:52) Jacob shares that Adapt API is integrated with other systems such as NowCerts, Hawksoft, and AMS 360. (38:21) David talks about the importance of being an adopter or adapter of new technology in the insurance industry and highlights the benefits of being at the forefront of new developments. (39:58) Tweetable Quotes: “What we've done with Adapt API is, we are automating a lot of these repetitive tasks, these things that are steps one through ten, do the same thing every single day. We do it for you with the software, so that you can focus on the actual relationship-driven and insurance side of the business.” - Jacob Simon “We have something that works for most agents, you're going to be paying just like a usage basis, which ends up being, you know, much, much, much lower than any of those custom build solutions would be.” - Jacob Simon Resources Mentioned: Jacob Simon LinkedIn Adapt API David Carothers Kyle Houck Florida Risk Partners The Extra 2 Minutes

May 08, 2023
Digital Insurance Pint: Money (Pink Floyd)

New car, caviar, think I’ll buy me a football team. With multiples at an all-time high and a raft of recent broker sales, the DIPP guys take a deep dive into broker M & A. They dig into the motivations of brokers who are selling, debate whether niche brokers can survive, and discuss whether scale is the only competitive factor that works. Can strategic partnerships, clusters, and franchises drive this scale? M & A needs financing, so the guys get into the different styles of financing, whether that’s financing for growth, acquisition, or succession. They also debate the pros & cons of getting your money from the banks, insurers, or VCs. What are the pros, cons, and fine print? Resources: Tom Reid Jeff Roy Steve Earle Adam Mitchell Digital Insurance Pint Podcast

May 07, 2023
Agency Freedom: E101: Aviad Pinkovezky On Connecting First (feat. Peter MacDonald)

In this episode, James and guest co-host Peter MacDonald talk with Aviad Pinkovezky, President of First Connect Insurance. To learn more about First Connect Insurance, visit https://portal.firstconnectinsurance.com/signin. Visit our website to join our email list, get the scoop on our LIVE coaching calls and never miss an episode: https://www.agencyfreedom.com Connect with Agency Freedom Podcast on Facebook at the Agency Freedom Podcast group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/agencyfreedom Email us at podcast@agencyfreedom.com with ideas, questions, complaints or your favorite grilling recipe. Episode Highlights: Aviad shares that he served in Israeli Military Intelligence for 10 years, working with super smart people to solve problems using technology and resourcefulness. (4:06) Aviad explains that everybody has their own risk tolerance and financial needs, so it is important to consider other factors before taking a risk. (11:54) Aviad mentions that it is now easier than ever to set up an agency from scratch, with very few hurdles and the friction is much less than it used to be. (16:37) Aviad discusses how First Connect helps small to medium-sized agencies compete with direct consumers. (17:54) Aviad mentions that providing access to markets is one big pillar of First Connect’s strategy and execution, as well as the technology solutions. (19:49) Aviad mentions that First Connect has reached the exciting milestone of 70 different carriers and MGA solutions, comprised of both traditional and InsurTech startups. (36:34) Aviad explains that they launched a consumer-grade experience to create a slick, intuitive experience for agents to explore and find new opportunities, and saw an increase of 160% in appointment requests. (41:05) Aviad discusses the huge difference between an agency that attracts high net worth, policyholders and one that attracts non-standard driving non-standard auto drivers, which requires different metrics, design, office space, and marketing. (43:27) Aviad mentions that agents are starving for an easy and intuitive consumer-grade experience, which is what First Connect is here to offer. (52:02) Key Quotes: “We are in the business of leveling the playing field, between small to medium insurance agencies, independent insurance agencies, against the loud direct to consumer, the ones that has like their own resource technology, and so on. ” - Aviad Pinkovezky “Providing access to markets is one big pillar of our strategy and execution. But at the same time, it's not the only one. We believe that also by providing different technology solutions and tools that allow agents to run their agency in a more efficient way, and to have online presence…those are another levers you can pull in order to create better settings for different small to medium agencies where they can compete with larger organizations that have their own technology, engineering resources and so on.” - Aviad Pinkovezky

May 05, 2023
Power Producers: Mastermind on the Hard Market Session 2

In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and guest co-host Josh Gurley discuss various topics related to the insurance industry, including the challenges of the hard market and the importance of branding and building strong relationships.  Episode Highlights: David discusses the challenges of a hard market, including increased rates and longer processing times for applications. (8:38) David mentions the significance of content marketing, which includes blogging and utilizing articles to attract potential clients. (12:04) Josh shares his thoughts on renewals emphasizes the importance of treating existing clients like new businesses. (13:34) David explains the value of building and maintaining relationships in both personal and business settings. He highlights how this can significantly impact one's success. (15:41) David expresses his belief in the importance of meeting with marketing reps and underwriters, even if it doesn't result in any tangible benefits. (17:29) David explains the importance of investing in oneself and being part of a group where one can stay updated on the latest happenings in the industry. (24:04) Tweetable Quote: “The fact that you're already investing in yourselves and being part of a group where you can hear what other people are doing and see what's happening on the streets puts you ahead of your competition, but you can't stop there. You've got to be intentional and proactive in literally everything you're doing at this point.” - David Carothers Resources Mentioned: Josh Gurley LinkedIn David Carothers Florida Risk Partners The Extra 2 Minutes

May 05, 2023
RHS 181 - Leaving Captivity for the Good Life with James Jenkins

In this episode of The Ryan Hanley Show, we're serenaded by the dulcet tones of the all-powerful James Jenkins. James is an innovator and an eternally curious problem solver. He's an unapologetic risk and insurance nerd who gets excited about things that bore most people. Faith and family are the two most important things to James. This is an episode you don't want to miss... Episode Highlights: James shares a story about the creation of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, emphasizing the significance of small details even when most people don't notice them. (7:04) Ryan discusses his experiences dealing with ADHD, how he manages it, and his recent decision to stop using pot. (11:54) James talks about the process of writing his book and getting positive feedback from someone, not in the insurance field. (26:11) James shares some of the diverse opinions on his book from those in the industry. (33:26) James delves into the subjectivity of the term "best" and why it isn't a helpful metric for measuring success. (38:59) James discusses the editing process that made his book more engaging and concise. (48:19) James shares what RiskWell is all about. (55:27) Key Quotes: “What RiskWell is, is nothing more than the humans that are here that create shared experience that together works to make an impact on our stakeholders, which includes you and this audience.” - James Jenkins Resources Mentioned: James Jenkins LinkedIn  RiskWell Reach out to Ryan Hanley Rogue Risk Finding Peak

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May 04, 2023