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945 - Reductio Ad Absurdum

On the day before April Fools, we take a look at some extreme and/or absurd examples of hobby aspects that could be stretched beyond recognition.  Have fun with this greatest hobby!

Mar 31
944A - Out-Takes on MINT Collective from Hobby Hotline 032823

John Newman, Chris Harris, and Jeremy Lee joined in for this segment discussing the upcoming (today!) and expanded MINT Collective in Las Vegas.  Hope it's a great event!

Mar 30
944 - Next Big Thing?

Collectors frequently ask me what will be the next big thing.  Just within the world of sports there are so many types of collectibles that have yet to blow up.   

Mar 29
943 - Out-Takes from That Seventies Card Show, with John Keating

John Keating has completed his 80-episode run of That Seventies Card Show - I was honored to be his guest on his episode 79 and here are some highlights excerpted - thanks John!

Mar 27
942 - Out-Takes on NIL and Etiquette from Hobby Hotline 031823

Danny Black and Adam Palmer joined me last Saturday for the hour-long Hobby Hotline live call-in show.  Check out that show directly, as this only about ten minutes out of the hour.

Mar 24
941 - What If: No Flippers?

Flippers come in many flavors and persuasions.  Misconceptions abound - we take time to address this interesting hobby phenomenon, which would not happen unless the hobby was dynamic!

Mar 22
940 - Dueling Questions: Tim Trout, Panini Director of Product Development

Tim and I had some industry-related questions for each other based on the many different things we have each done in this great hobby.

Mar 20
939 - 9.5 Insights

Hear my opinions, perspectives, valuations, and interpretations about the perceptions in the marketplace of the sometimes-misunderstood grade of BGS 9.5, which is Gem Mint, but not Perfect, or even Pristine.

Mar 17
938 - 2020-21 Upper Deck The Cup (just released)

I try to give a different perspective using recent and past history, taking a closer look at why this excellent hockey high-end card product is curiously back-dated.

Mar 15
937 - Origin: Tim Trout, Panini Director of Product Development

Tim and I sit down for a chat about the hobby and his origin story as a baseball player (still), coach, and collector - truly a lifetime hobby - thanks Tim!

Mar 13
936 - Sustainability, with Rich Klein

Rich and I were joined by Matt Galvin as well as Angela and Stephan Loeffler for a Saturday afternoon of sorting baseball cards and discussing cards, specifically how to collect within your means.

Mar 10
935 - Basketball Card Fanatic Interview, with Adam Gray, Part 2

This is the last half of our interview - most of the best stuff was in the article, but there are a few interchanges here that you might enjoy, especially if you are into basketball cards - thanks Adam!

Mar 08
934 - Basketball Card Fanatic Interview, with Adam Gray

Adam had asked me to answer his basketball specific questions for publication in his excellent monthly publication, Basketball Card Fanatic.  The issue and article have now appeared - you should subscribe digitally or physically - the article itself is better than these out-takes based on Adam's passion.   

Mar 06
933 - Out-Takes on Prospecting and HOF from Hobby Hotline 020423

Danny Black and Logan Ward joined me on this hour-long original episode of Hobby Hotline from which this has been edited down to less than 15 minutes - be sure to catch Hobby Hotline when it comes out on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings. 

Mar 03
932 - Dueling Questions, with Bobby Baseball

Bobby had teed up his first (excellent) historical question for me in advance so I could be thinking about it, but after that we both went free form - advanced collectors usually have advanced questions - Thanks Bobby!

Mar 01
931 - Dueling Questions, Keith Hower, Panini Basketball Brand Manager

Keith had been saving a question/answer/story for just this opportunity - in the end we both gently shot down each other's story as way more fiction than fact - thanks Keith.

Feb 27
930 - Out-Takes from Victor Roman’s Rookie Card Specialist, Part 2

This is the last part of Victor's interview of me regarding all things "Rookie Card" - check out his YT channel for more depth - I expect these definitions will continue to evolve - don't assume the way it is, is the way it will always be.

Feb 24
929 - Out-Takes from Victor Roman’s Rookie Card Specialist

Victor interviewed me for an hour about rookie cards, his favorite topic and research area.  One of the advantages of being older now is that I was there and present when some important decisions were made. 

Feb 22
928 - Origin: Bobby Baseball

I interviewed Bobby Baseball (not his real name) and heard first hand about his fabulous collection - but coincidentally, some of the ways he goes about it, are similar to how I hobby - very interesting.

Feb 20
927 - Tribute: Bill Huggins, Huggins & Scott Auctions

My friend Bill Huggins passed away on Valentine's Day from heart failure - very sad day for me - his auction however will live on keeping the same identity that Bill established so well.  Sincerest condolences to Nancy, Ricky and Allison.

Feb 17
926 - Origin: Keith Hower, Panini Basketball Brand Manager

Keith shares his hobby origin story beginning with working in a card shop before joining Beckett Publications for twelve years and now Panini for twelve years - thanks Keith!

Feb 15
925 - Recap: Podcast Episodes 899-923

The last two months of thrice-weekly episodes quickly summarized or commented on based on the passage of time - most episodes are intended to be evergreen, but many necessarily are not.  Send your episode ideas to doctorjamesbeckett@gmail.com and thanks!

Feb 13
924 - Upper Deck SP over the years

I opened a couple of this year's Upper Deck SP boxes and reminisce about the origins of the SP brand and its extensions and coverage across various sports.  My choice was surprising even to me.

Feb 10
923 - Panini Football Box Battle

I opened three boxes of different brands of this year's Panini football cards - the distinguishing feature was that each box had 15 or less cards - certainly helping me with my desire to have less cards each year.  Thanks Panini!

Feb 08
922 - Origin: Matt Galvin, Young T206 Collector

Matt came over a couple of Saturdays ago and we turned on the recorder - Rich Klein as well as Stephan and Angela Loeffler were here too - to find out how and why Matt is pursuing T206's as he has successfully launched with his young family. 

Feb 06
921 - Out-takes on Grading and GemRate from Hobby Hotline 010723

Ryan Stuczinski, founder of GemRate, actually dropped in virtually to join my co-hosts John Newman and Victor Roman for this weekly rotational live call-in show and so we took advantage by drilling deeper on what's going on in grading.

Feb 03
920 - Football Card Hall of Fame, Part 2

The second part of my conversation with the Hall's founders, Ray Fonio, Bart Batholomew, and Scott Nathan.  Just google Football Card Hall of Fame to find out more and vote (before Feb 9th) - and thanks guys!

Feb 01
919 - Football Card Hall of Fame

Ray Fonio, Bart Bartholomew, and Scott Nathan join me to review the inaugural candidates for their Football Card Hall of Fame - the ten cards selected based on your votes will be announced on February 11th - I voted and you should too if you love football cards.

Jan 30
918 - Sale Anniversary Thoughts from Card Mensches, Part 2

Yesterday was the eighteenth anniversary of Beckett Publications being sold.  So  much has happened since.  John Newman and Danny Black ask me about feelings, regrets, and what-if's.  You can see the full video interview on their channel.  Thanks!

Jan 27
917 - Sale Anniversary Thoughts from Card Mensches

Danny Black and John Newman invited me on their Card Mensches show to discuss my retrospective thoughts on (18 years ago) selling the company I founded and which still bears my name.

Jan 25