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Find the Root Cause - Heal the Body

If you are sick and not getting the answers or care that you need (and deserve) you probably have not found or treated the root of the disease. In the modern medical system a symptom or two gets a band-aid.  A pill that magically disappears that symptom.  But what caused that symptom in the first place? Listen in for how to think about your own health from this lens...on where the body heals itself when the root causes are discovered and treated. Follow for more on my social channels Instagram and TikTok If you are interested in working with me to uncover the root cause of your symptoms reach out to Please take good care of yourself.         Disclaimer.  I don't claim to diagnose or heal anyone.  This information is a suggestion to do your own research and ask your doctors.

Sep 12, 2022
Why I avoid eating in restaurants....

I love gathering with people I love over a meal but lately, I have been avoiding restaurants.   Seed oils and farm-raised fish are two big reasons. We need to avoid the Omega-6 rich oils which are causing inflammation in our bodies and brains.  Those are Sunflower, Safflower, Soybean, Canola, Corn, Vegetable, Palm  We should be cooking with/eating: butter/ghee, avocado and olive oils. Just this week (end of July 2022) Time Magazine did a piece on why farm-raised fish aren't your best choice.  Same issues as raising a zillion chickens in a small warehouse...that's how they do it with farm-raised fish. I like to choose salads with olive oil and vinegar on the side, fresh oysters, shrimp cocktail, and if I know the source of their meat I love a good grilled plain steak with some chimichurri sauce. I don't always say no to dessert either!  But instead of choosing something with a zillion unknown ingredients, I'll choose ice cream with fresh berries or even chocolate mousse. It's all about making the best choices we can make in any given situation.

Aug 01, 2022
Mindfulness, Play and Eating More Protein

We are three weeks into my summer group coaching program.  This week we are covering how to delve into guided meditation, exploring the idea of play as our primary form of movement and the importance of getting enough protein, especially at breakfast. Want to join the next group coaching cohort?  Email me or check out the website 

Jun 21, 2022
Summer Detox Kickoff - Start with PRE-TOX

I just launched the Summer Biotoxin Detox program and here is lesson #1.   Pre-tox means stopping the inflow of toxins.  Less toxins in - means our body can begin to let go of what is stored. A few rules for pretox: Drink clean water.  Never tap.  Preferably distilled water. No cooking on Teflon or microwaving/storing food in plastic. Fragrance-Free Everything.  No candles, no Febreeze, no scented laundry detergents, no perfumes, nothing smelly. Deodorants should be aluminum-free and toothpaste fluoride-free.   Head to my website for the free resource - Come follow me on instagram and tiktok too!

Jun 06, 2022
Butyrate Supplementation for Gut Health

Butyrate is a naturally occurring short-chain fatty acid that’s produced when prebiotic fibers are fermented by gut bacteria in the large intestine. It fuels your gut cells, increases levels of glutathione, and keeps the junctions of the gut tight.  When the diet is poor in these insoluble fibers GI issues can occur. Supplementation is often helpful as a part of a protocol for leaky gut syndrome and IBS and can even help to speed metabolism. A diet high in non-digestible fibers like artichokes, asparagus, apples, and berries will help the body create short-chain fatty acids. Temporary supplementation is helpful in symptomatic cases. If you are looking to better your gut health I'd love to schedule a call with you.  The first step is to fill out the form on my website which lets you schedule a call right in my calendar.  Go to and let's get to the bottom of your nagging symptoms.

May 09, 2022
I’m back to Journaling

Do you journal? Listen in for my reasoning to take up this helpful practice again but this time with less expectation and more freedom to explore what it means to journal. I reference The Artist's Way which is a book worth checking out by Julia Cameron. You can find me on Instagram here: and Tiktok - 

Apr 26, 2022
Lyme Disease - What to do when you get bit by a tick

Listen in today as I talk about what to do when you get bitten by a tick. In a nutshell: 1. Pull the tick out with tweezers. Get as close to the skin as you can with the tweezers and pull directly up to remove an embedded tick.  Clean the skin with an antiseptic. 2. Save the tick in a ziplock bag.  Dampen a small square of papertowel and place inside with the tick.  This will keep the body moist.  If you decide not to do step 3 and pay to have the tick itself tested at this time PLEASE SAVE THIS TICK.  If you develop symptoms or a bullseye rash you have retained the option to have the tick tested which will save you pain and suffering down the line. 3. Go to Fill out their forms and choose your test (the $50 is sufficient but if you have symptoms please run all the tests).  Send it in and you should receive results in 72 hours. 4. Take a photograph of the bite mark.  Watch it over the next 48 hours and compare it to your photo.  A bullseye rash is a tell-tale sign that you've been infected with Lyme Disease.  However, you do not need to have a rash to have contracted the disease.  Tricky, right? 5. Over the next 2 -3 weeks look for other symptoms or rashes and visit your doctor if needed.   Stay safe friends.  Long pants tucked into socks, light-colored tops with long sleeves and hats are always a good ideas when spending time outdoors.    

Apr 20, 2022
Lyme Disease Basics

Lyme disease is the fastest-growing infectious bacterial disease in the US. Mostly known for being transmitted by ticks but recently they found that mosquitoes, biting flies, and spiders can all give you Lyme disease. These ticks are most often carried by deer and white-footed mice Many people think of Lyme disease as an East Coast disease because it originated in Lyme, CT. It's now found in every state in the US & in almost every country in the world. One in three ticks in New England are carrying a tick-borne disease. “Tick-borne disease” meaning bacteria that a tick can transmit directly to your bloodstream when it is feeding off you. One of the many is Borrelia Burgdorferi which is the pathogen that causes Lyme disease. There are other diseases a tick can transmit including Bartonella, Babesia, Ehrlichia, Anaplasmosis, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, to name a few. Testing is difficult because the bacteria enters your bloodstream and hides.  While it’s in your bloodstream your body will mount an attack which causes symptoms and perhaps a bull’s eye rash but once it finds a good hiding place it can lay dormant for years.  Symptoms will most likely fade and patients feel better.  A latent infection can bubble up later in life and the patient will have long forgotten about the tick bite they once had. Testing very early on while the bacteria is still in your bloodstream and the body has mounted an attack is the best time to test. Also, note that each of those other infections that can be caused from a tick bite require separate testing. Unfortunately, each of these bacterial infections also require separate treatment. So you can see how tricky treating a patient with a tick-borne disease can be. Even trickier to be that patient. First symptoms sometimes include a bullseye rash where you were bitten by a tick. A red dot with a white circle around it with another red circle around the whole thing looking like a bullseye. However, only 50% of people diagnosed with Lyme disease remember getting a tick bite with a rash. Another very common presentation for Lyme disease after a tick bite is something that resembles the flu. A great deal of fatigue, headaches and just a general sense of unwellness that can last up to three weeks. This is the crucial time to see a doctor, get tested, and start on the drug Doxycycline which will kill the bacteria in your bloodstream. Very difficult to diagnose and treat but very easy to prevent and we're gonna talk about that next time. Come see me on TikTok  Visit on Instagram:  Check out the free Wellness Assessment on my website: 

Apr 14, 2022
How to WORRY less

If you want to worry less: understand this: Worry is not love. Worry is doubt. Worry is fear. Worrying is picturing the worst-case scenario in your mind. Worry is seeing things not work out for them in your head. Worry is imagining them failing and feeling bad about it in advance Worry is internally whispering to them your fears about what might happen. If you love someone stop this destructive inner thinking. Thoughts do not stay in your head, they vibrate out into the universe and affect every aspect of your reality, including your loved ones. Making a picture in your head makes it real in an energetic way. If that picture is of failure, disappointment, and things not working out that is an unloving thought. Loving them is uplifting them in your mind. Seeing them happy and healthy. Seeing them get everything they desire. Celebrating their successes. Wishing abundance and peace upon them. Imagining them perfectly happy & healthy and enjoying their life. That is loving them. If you love someone stop worrying about them. See them happy, wish them well.   I am seeing you happy, I am wishing you well.

Apr 06, 2022
Make a GOT IT DONE list

Holy cow this one is good. Instead of making a to-do list today make a got it done list as you go about your day. I did this.  A normal to-do list for me is probably 10 items long and I usually get to 6 or 7 of them. My got it done list was 47 items long.  HOW EMPOWERING to see all that I accomplished instead of focusing on the 2 or 3 items I failed to get to. Listen in for more. Work with me:  http://www.Melissa Insta TT

Mar 30, 2022
It’s YOUR BUT that matters

Not that kind of butt, silly. Listen for the "but in your sentence".  I hear it with clients all the time.   They will say, "I believe in everything you are saying and I want to heal at the root level, but... I can't make the time right now. I don't have the money. I have to get through the end of the school year first. Not that those aren't all valid reasons.  But they are excuses.  When we truly are aligning our beliefs and our words there is no but. I believe in everything you are saying PERIOD. I want to heal at the root level PERIOD. Do you see the difference? My answers to those excuses: You need to MAKE time for yourself to heal.  Decide what's not crucial and nix it.  YOU need to be the center of your world right now.  It's not forever but it's time that you made time for you.  Because if you are sick and not healing you are headed the other way.  There will always be an event in the way, something immovable that you just will have to skip.  Remember: you cannot heal in the environment in which you got sick.  Your daily habits determine your wellness and we will change those.  It takes time and perseverance to transform health but it IS POSSIBLE. As for finances...    If you cut out everything you spend money on to take care of the outside of you and put that towards taking care of the inside,  what would that look like for you? Hair, nails, massage, facials, skin treatments - they add up.  Diets, the gym, the trainer, the makeup, new outfits and the shoes.... And while you might be fancier on the outside...still sick.  It is not, contrary to Zsa Zsa, better to look good than to feel good.  Once you feel good you will radiate health. And that is where we start in my Wellness Defined Program.  A highly individualized 5-month program for healing.  With functional lab testing, personalized nutritional supplements, weekly meetings, text support daily, and a little bit of cool technology this program is for you if you have been searching for an answer to what's hurting you. And it starts with removing the BUT.   Instagram: @melissahallklepacki Tik Tok @melissaklepackiwellness   

Mar 24, 2022
Get to know me!

Hi, I'm Melissa. I am an Integrative Health Practitioner for women focused on optimizing health and longevity. I work with women around the country who are not feeling well but not quite sick.  I like to say I am the stop before your diagnosis. I hold a Master's Degree in Acupuncture and an undergrad in Education.  I am a wife, mother, athlete, author, speaker, entrepreneur, daughter and friend. I am so passionate about wellness because I spent my 40's super sick.  I saw 12 doctors to diagnose and treat what turned out to be Lyme Disease but it wasn't until I undertook a lengthy detox protocol that I fully healed myself. I want to help you heal yourself at the deepest level.  We will work together to figure out why you aren't feeling vibrantly healthy. Comprehensive specialized functional medicine lab tests will help us pinpoint the root cause of your health issues.  We will remove what's not needed and add what your body is calling for.  With simple changes and better choices we can restore wellness and vitality to your life. The world needs you to take better care of yourself and I'd love to help you. Listen in today to learn about how I practice. Find me on TikTok @melissaklepackiwellness  and Instagram @melissahallklepacki and visit my new website  

Mar 05, 2022
Happiness Challenge Part 2

Your job last week was to write down the one thing that is holding you back from happiness.  Nest, to find a friend to serve as an accountability partner. Listen in for how the conversation with a friend would go and how to work with the happiness journal you have created. This is a good one. It's little and often that wins the day. The next 30 days will show you how to stay the course and will also light the way forward. I'm proud of you! come follow me on Instagram @melissahallklepacki and TikTok @melissaklepackiwellness    

Feb 27, 2022
Join the GET HAPPY challenge - Part 1

Today I want to get into mindset & motivation. Today it's my job to remind you that no one is coming to rescue you; it’s on you to find your happiness.   No time like the present, so today is the day we start.   Pick one thing and make a change. Pick the thing that makes you unhappiest. Is it something when you look in the mirror? If you said yes, is that really what makes you unhappiest.?  Just ask yourself gently. Or is it something in your relationship? Or is it situational? Maybe there’s something that you’re currently doing that’s not making you happy and you continue to try to do it and are continually unhappy? Perhaps you need a shift in that behavior? Whatever it might be, today is the day to start. And we’re not looking to make quick fixes here. Rather simple changes and better choices.   Perhaps you need one fix to get the job done or, perhaps it’s something that needs to be worked on daily. Only you can decide. Your job today is to take five minutes to figure it out. You already know what the answer is so you shouldn’t even need the whole five minutes.   Then you’re gonna go do two things. 1. Write it down in a clean book or pad of paper. This will serve as your goal journal. And we’re going to talk about the purpose of this goal journal next week. 2. Call your best friend in the whole world and tell them what you’re working on. We all need accountability partners so ask this friend to help you stay on track. I’m going to give you an example:   I really feel unhappy about my weight and I’d really like to lose some fat and gain some muscle before my next trip in six weeks. The first thing I do is grab a fresh notebook on the first page I write out that sentence. The next thing I do is call my best friend and tell her that I’ve decided to make some changes, specifically to exercise more and eat healthier and that I would love her support.   For the sake of time in this 3-minute podcast,  the next episode will include both how to use that goal journal and what that conversation with that friend looked like.   Your job this week is to uncover what’s making you unhappy and get excited about changing it.   Remember: I work 1:1 with highly motivated individuals on a comprehensive program to uncover the root of what ails you and live a more vibrant lifestyle.  More information can be found at

Feb 16, 2022
Constipation Checklist

Listen in if you deal with constipation which is defined as not having at least one bowel movement a day.  Share with a friend who is struggling. If you visit my site http://www.Melissaunder Resources you can download the free Constipation Checklist.

Feb 08, 2022
More! Self! Love!

It’s the month of February which always reminds me of Valentine's Day and love. Today I want to shine a spotlight on the love that we show ourselves and I'm hoping to grow in self-love this month, perhaps you'll join me. I'm gonna give you 3 easy ways to love yourself a bit more this month. __ __ It’s a short month this month friends – let’s put a whole lotta love into it. 

Feb 01, 2022
5 Quick Steps for BEFORE a DETOX

Before we can even start to think about embarking on a detox program we need to think about stopping the onslaught of toxins in our everyday environment. Here are my top five actionable tips, you can take today, to start living less toxic lifestyle. __ __ By making simple changes in better choices, by knowing this information that you now cannot unknow, you are on your way to well being. Please share this podcast and this information with people that you love, sharing is caring. instagram: tiktok @MelissaKlepackiWellness

Jan 26, 2022
Self-care means something different to everyone

Self-care isn't all bath bombs and face masks and if you want to do it right - it takes a little introspection.  Ask yourself where you need it the most from these 5  pillars of health: Nutrition Hydration Movement Mindfulness  Sleep It could change daily or you could be working hard for improvements in one of those areas.  But dig in somewhere and work to make improvements slowly and over time. Listen in today for more on finding a self-care habit that is right for you. COme follow me on instagram for more wellness content:

Jan 19, 2022
Build Better Habits

You know I love to talk about simple changes and better choices and it's never more important than when we talk about daily habits. Remember that our daily habits are who we are and how healthy we are and how vibrant we are. That weekend run, that Tuesday afternoon salad, that once a month massage...those are all lovely choices but those are not habits. Waking up every morning and having a glass of water before anything else. Taking your supplements daily, committing to not eating anything in bags or boxes, developing a meditation practice that you do daily, getting to sleep before 11:00 PM every night: those are daily habits and those are what move the needle in terms of our Wellness. Make a list of your daily habits and take a look at what is serving you and what you need to move on from. If you are not as healthy and vibrant as you want to be, what small changes can you make today to increase your Wellness by just one percent? Now go do those. Listen in for the idea of habit stacking and one simple habit stack I use to make sure I take my supplements every single day.

Jan 12, 2022
Staying Well This Winter - Simple Tips

People often ask me what are some simple tips for staying well. So today I'm going to give you my best advice. It starts with drinking clean water. One of the pillars of health is hydration and making sure that you are drinking pure clean water is super important for your health and wellness. Flushing your system regularly with distilled water will help you to feel better. Bottled water can't be trusted and tap water, as we know, is very contaminated. Please visit the link  to find out how many contaminants are in the water you are drinking. Next is nutritional supplementation. Please read the literature. People with bad outcomes from viral diseases most likely have very low vitamin D levels.  If you are not supplementing and you do not know your vitamin D level, which can be obtained with a simple blood test, supplementing with vitamin D3 plus K2 is cheap and effective. We also know that sleep, good sleep, is integral to proper immune function and feeling well. I always recommend some early morning sunlight in the eyes paired with some sort of movement whether that's a few calisthenics or a walk with a friend. I shoot to get this done five times a week. Lastly, we all know how important nutrition is. People with bad outcomes from illnesses are generally overweight or have metabolic conditions. I simply ask that for this month you avoid anything eating anything in bags or boxes which includes frozen foods, pre-packaged foods, snacks, energy bars, etc. Eating Whole Foods is the way forward. So that's it. And it's pretty simple.  Quick tips for better wellness a drinking clean water, eating whole foods, supplementing to increase your vitamin D levels and striving for better sleep.  Let’s do this!! Come follow me on Instagram for more

Jan 06, 2022
On Mindfulness

Being mindful is paying attention to yourself and your own inner dialogue.  There are many ways to practice mindfulness and you can't go wrong if you pick one and give it a try. Working with your breath is a great place to start.  When you feel triggered reminding yourself to stop and breathe can provide a simple reset. Progressive muscle relaxation takes breathwork up a notch and can lead to full body relaxation and is great to wind down at night or any time you need a hard reset. The ability to sit quietly and let your thoughts flow through you can be difficult.  Much easier to really be in the moment and experience the event with fresh eyes. I love to journal as a way into mindfulness.  I like to start the morning with a list of things I am grateful for.  It puts me into a mindset of abundance and helps me start my day with grace. Try it this week. Make space for you to work on yourself. Come follow me on Instagram this week for more klepacki  

Dec 20, 2021
Sleep Better Tonight!!

When sleep is good you feel like a million bucks and when it's not....well, lots of things go wrong.  Your focus is off, your coordination wanes, your mood could be lower and your immune system tanks.  While there are lots of theories about how much sleep is best no one argues that a good night's sleep is important for wellness. How to get better sleep?  Listen in for details but here is a shortlist: 1. Start in the morning with sunlight in your eyes.  It primes your system for good melatonin release in the evening.  Pair that with some exercise and you are golden! 2. Make sure your magnesium levels are good.  HINT: chances are that if you don't supplement your levels are most likely low. 3.  Avoid eating after dinner.  Optimally give yourself 3 hours of no food before sleep.  You sleep best in a fasted state.  Ideally, avoid alcohol.  While it may help you drift off it often wakes you up in the middle of the night. 4. No caffeine after 12 noon. 5. Create nighttime rituals.  Brushing teeth, washing your face, getting into pajamas, closing shades, turning off lights all let your body know that it is time for sleep. 6. Perfect your sleeping environment – temperature needs to be low (65-68 degrees) absolutely no light, avoid blue lights before bed. 7. Exercising in the daytime makes for a fatigued body that often sleeps a bit sounder. 8. An evening Epsom Salt bath works on 2 fronts: increasing magnesium levels and raising body temperature.  The shift from a higher body temperature into a chilly room preps that body for deep sleep. 9. Utilize technology for better sleep.  The OURA ring, the FitBit Charge or the Whoop are all wearables that can give you data about your sleep.  You need to understand what is happening before you can make changes.  I'll be sharing some favorite sleep podcast and other ideas for sleeping better over on Instagram.  Follow along at

Dec 14, 2021
tips & tricks for better HYDRATION

We have four weeks left in 2021 and this week we're going to focus on creating habits to better hydrate our bodies. First things first, I'd love for you to take a look at what is in your tap water. Please visit the website and enter your 5 digit zip code to learn about what is in your tap water. Please remember, what is legally allowed in your drinking water is far from what is best from your body. Please also know that most commercial filters like Brita or even the Berkey water filter are not doing an adequate job of removing toxins and radioactive elements from your water. The only safe water to drink is distilled water and whether you do that yourself with an in home water distiller or you buy plastic jugs of distilled water is up to you. But the safest water again is distilled water. How much water should we be drinking? At least half of your body weight in ounces but I would ask that you watch the color of your urine as a better indicator of hydration. Unless you are taking handfuls of vitamins especially B vitamins, which will turn your urine electric yellow, your goal should be urine that is close to clear. If you are peeing dark yellow you are not hydrated adequately. I like to use my 30 ounce Yeti mug for a few reasons. It keeps my water cold, I know exactly how much I'm drinking, and at this point, because I have only used this mug for the last few months it has become an ingrained daily habit. First thing in the morning I fill up my water while I'm making my coffee. I like my beverages to be functional so I'm always adding products like CellCore’s Hydroxygen, CT Minerals, or mitoATP to my water. ( I also find that when I have taken the extra step to add products to my water I do not want to waste the water and I'm sure to drink it all. Also please remember if you are not pooping at least once a day (preferably twice a day) make sure you are drinking plenty of pure water. So in a nutshell: __ __ Follow along on Instagram all week for more on water: 

Dec 06, 2021
5 weeks til 2022 - Movement

Movement every day is non-negotiable.  Dedicated time for moving your body, that is built into your daily life becomes a habit. You gotta plan it though guys. If you fail to plan - you plan to fail.  Make a plan, make a dedicated time for it. Find an accountability partner.  A person, a class you pre-pay for a group activity where your presence is essential....all can serve as an accountability partner.  Even a dog can be your accountability partner - they need to be walked 2 times a day. Make it PLAY as often as possible.  Movement that looks like play feels less laborious.  A hike with a dog, an adult sports league, tennis, golf, train for your first 5k (walk or run!) with a pal. - there are so many options. If you are not regularly moving your body  FIND A NEW WAY that looks like PLAY. Make YOURSELF - your WHOLE self a priority.  It starts with daily habits. Come find me on instagram - 

Nov 30, 2021
6 weeks til 2022 - Gratitude

“Be grateful for what you already have while you pursue your goals. If you aren’t grateful for what you already have, what makes you think you would be happy with more.” ― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart   This week as we head into Thanksgiving in the U.S. it is a good idea to take stock of what we are grateful for.  To name it aloud or write it down to be captured and ruminated on. This week try a new practice of writing down 3 things you are grateful for each morning as a way to start your day from a place of abundance. Remember when you think happy thoughts you attract more happy thoughts (and happy people) into your reality. My morning short list: Sleeping in this morning Taking time for morning meditation (YAY ME!) Hot coffee on rainy mornings Dogs Feeling healthy Clean water A home I love   Come see me on Instagram where I share lots more on gratitude as a practice and as a perspective.   (last week we brought awareness to Nutrition looking for a 1% improvement, did you get it done?  Remember, fueling your body with healthy whole foods DAILY is the way forward.  You can go back and listen to any pervious podcasts on iTunes)  

Nov 22, 2021
7 weeks til 2022 - this week NUTRITION

There are only 7 weeks left in this year - let's end it feeling better (and healthier) than when it began. This week we focus on what we are eating. Here are a few guidelines: 1. Go to the fridge when you are hungry.  Choose whole foods first. 2. Avoid bags and boxes.  Food in bags and boxes contains chemicals, preservatives and bad oils we need to avoid for optimal health. 3. Drink only water.  Save the calories. Lose the sugar.  Distilled water is best. Come join me this week as we discuss simple changes and better choices in nutrition.  We can do this!!  

Nov 15, 2021
Where I buy my household products

A great resource for household products and personal care products is Grove Collaborative.  I order online and it’s delivered right to my door.  Lugging that stuff home from the grocery store no more!!  My favorite non-toxic all-purpose spray cleaner – even for glass is this one My favorite non-toxic laundry detergent comes in few scents as well as unscented. I also like their fabric softener. I love many of their non-toxic beauty offerings from so many great brands you will be familiar with:   They have some great choices in facewashes and lotions.  Easy to make those swaps.  Simple changes and better choices is my mantra here at The Güüd Company – and this is a great way for you start. PLEASE REMEMBER:  you still need to check products for yourself using the EWG Healthy Living App.  You can either scan the barcode of a product or enter the name, and you will see a report giving it a grade from an A to an F and listing any toxic ingredients that you should know about. I encourage you to start somewhere today. Perhaps under your kitchen sink, your laundry room, or in your very own bathroom. Scan your products and make a list of the products that get D’s or F’s. Then armed with your mobile app head to Grove Collaborative and find better products. While I am not affiliated with many brands I just started working with Grove Collaborative and this post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Oct 27, 2021
Comparison is the thief of JOY

If you are finding yourself comparing yourself to others it is important to remember the great quote by Theodore Roosevelt, "Comparison is the thief of joy." Social media has highlighted our insecurities when we look at the lives of others.  We need to remember that people only show their best sides, their life highlight reels.  Carefully curated - you rarely see people letting it all hang out...the ugly sides of life. You are perfect as you are.  You are whole and complete whether others acknowledge that or not.  On days when you forget this - stay off social media friends.  xo  

Oct 18, 2021
Why you need an Accountability Partner

In this episode I talk about the importance of an accountability partner when goal setting.  When we make a plan and are held accountable to that plan the chances of follow through are very high.  When we tell just ourselves that tomorrow we will go to the gym but then get invited out for drinks after work and we only have ourselves to disappoint it’s easy to let ourselves down.  Interesting, isn’t it? Want to get fit? Hire a personal trainer. Make appointments and stick to it. A gym membership guarantees you nothing. You gotta do the work. Want to lose weight? Weight Watchers works! Why? Because they hold you accountable.  It’s you that’s gotta do the work. Training for a marathon?  It’s hard to motivate for a 12 mile run alone on a Sunday morning.  Much easier when a group from the running club is counting on you to show up. You gotta get yourself there first, right? Whatever your goals are - seek out a mentor, a teacher, a practitioner or a friend to be your accountability partner.  Reminding you that you alone must first choose a goal and find an accountability partner but then the work begins. Making changes and reaching goals takes work.  There are no two ways about it. In many ways I serve as an accountability partner for the Wellness clients I work with.  Weekly check-ins to mark progress, the use of a wellness journal to watch trends, a detailed plan of action with steps and milestones on the journey to wellness.  For more information you can email me at It’s something to consider if you want to make some changes and have been struggling to go it alone.   #fitness #wellness #weightloss #accountabilitypartner #wellnesscoach #goalsetting #meetyourgoals #healthiswealth #motivation #training #showupforyourself #dowhatyousayyouwill

Oct 05, 2021
How to find the right doctor.

In this episode I talk about how to find the right practitioner and I use the words interchangeably "doctor" and "practitioner".  Really it's about how to find someone to help you with your health.  The best place to start is by asking your friends or colleagues that you think are healthy about who they see to maintain their health. You should create a list of practitioners to interview. Next, you need to come up with a list of qualifying questions. A qualifying question might be something like, “Does this doctor use any alternative treatments or techniques or does he or she rely entirely on pharmaceutical products?”  Another might be “Does this doctor only see patients out of this office or are there other opportunities for an appointment?” which might be important if you are trying to get in immediately or if you have mobility and transportation problems. Whatever the questions that you deem important to making your decision are the questions you should have a list of at the ready. Then, call the doctor’s office and ask those qualifying questions of either the practice manager or the doctor directly. This is how I initially found my Lyme disease doctor. When I called her practice and asked what percentage of patients in her practice have Lyme disease, and the answer was 100%, I knew I was in the right place. Please understand that the first appointment with this practitioner should be considered an interview. You are interviewing them about their ideas on your health based on their findings. And I think that's an important distinction to make, you are simply getting advice from someone more qualified than you but ultimately it is your decision what you do with the information you are given. Finally, if your practitioner is not suggesting lifestyle recommendations (diet, hydration, mindfulness, movement, and better sleep) as the first step in healing you I highly suggest you find a new practitioner. Our Wellness is built on our daily habits. I'm going to say it again for the people in the back, "Our Wellness is based on our daily habits” and the people we are looking to for information on how to keep ourselves healthy should be working with us to educate and encourage us to be our own healers first. -- Come see me on Instagram 

Sep 27, 2021